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11-Dec-2017A Multimodal Analgesic Protocol Reduces Opioid-Related Adverse Events and Improves Patient Outcomes in Laparoscopic Sleeve GastrectomyNg J.J.; Leong W.Q.; Tan C.S.; Poon K.H.; Lomanto D. ; So J.B.Y. ; Shabbir A. 
21-Dec-2017Early weight loss after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy predicts midterm weight loss in morbidly obese AsiansChew C.A.Z.; Tan I.J.-W.; Ng H.J.H.; Lomanto D. ; So J. ; Shabbir A. 
31-Sep-2017Gallstone Disease After Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy in an Asian Population—What Proportion of Gallstones Actually Becomes Symptomatic?Hasan M.Y.; Lomanto D. ; Loh L.L.; So J.B.Y. ; Shabbir A. 
42014Guidelines for laparoscopic treatment of ventral and incisional abdominal wall hernias (International Endohernia Society (IEHS) - Part 1Bittner, R; Bingener-Casey, J; Dietz, U; Fabian, M; Ferzli, G.S; Fortelny, R.H; Köckerling, F; Kukleta, J; LeBlanc, K; Lomanto, D ; Misra, M.C; Bansal, V.K; Morales-Conde, S; Ramshaw, B; Reinpold, W; Rim, S; Rohr, M; Schrittwieser, R; Simon, Th; Smietanski, M; Stechemesser, B; Timoney, M; Chowbey, P
51-Feb-2018Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy for morbidly obese adolescents in singaporeDargan D.; Dolgunov D.; Soe K.T.; Er P.; Naseer F.; Lomanto D. ; So J.B.Y.. ; Shabbir A. 
620170801Robotic hernia surgery: An attractive perspectiveLomanto D ; Abatayo A; Maia RAB.
71-Jun-2017The early effect of laporascopic sleeve gastrectomy on taste change in a multiethnic Asian cohortNaseer F.; Lim S.L.; So J.B.Y. ; Lomanto D. ; Er P.S.Y.; Shen L.; Kim G.; Shabbir A. 
82015Update of guidelines on laparoscopic (TAPP) and endoscopic (TEP) treatment of inguinal hernia (International Endohernia Society)Bittner, R; Montgomery, M.A; Arregui, E; Bansal, V; Bingener, J; Bisgaard, T; Buhck, H; Dudai, M; Ferzli, G.S; Fitzgibbons, R.J; Fortelny, R.H; Grimes, K.L; Klinge, U; Koeckerling, F; Kumar, S; Kukleta, J; Lomanto, D ; Misra, M.C; Morales-Conde, S; Reinpold, W; Rosenberg, J; Singh, K; Timoney, M; Weyhe, D; Chowbey, P