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Shuh Shing Lee
Lee, Shuhshing
Lee, Shuh Shing
Shuh Shing Lee
Lee, S.S.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Admission policies and methods at crossroads: A review of medical school admission policies and methods in seven Asian countriesSoemantri, D.; Karunathilake, I.; Yang, J.-H.; Chang, S.-C.; Lin, C.-H.; Nadarajah, V.D.; Nishigori, H.; Samarasekera, D.D. ; Lee, S.S. ; Tanchoco, L.R.; Ponnamperuma, G.
223-Aug-2016Developing Metacognition through Effective FeedbackChay-Hoon Tan ; Shuh Shing Lee ; Su Ping Yeo ; Balakrishnan Ashokka; Dujeepa Samarasekara 
32020Faculty development in medical education: An environmental scan in countries within the Asia pacific regionSamarasekera, D.D.; Lee, S.S. ; Findyartini, A.; Mustika, R.; Nishigori, H.; Kimura, S.; Lee, Y.-M.
413-Nov-2016Has Medical Education Killed "Silence"?Shuh Shing Lee 
52018"I didn't sign up for this" The experience of Disillusionment in Medical EducationLoh, Victor Weng Keong ; LEE, Shuh Shing ; Kowitlawakul, Yanika 
6Dec-2018Improving a newly adapted teaching and learning approach: Collaborative Learning Cases using an action research.Lee, Shuh Shing ; Hooi, Shing Chuan ; Pan, Terry ; Fong, Chong Hui Ann ; Samarasekera, Dujeepa D 
72020Inter-related issues that impact motivation in biomedical sciences graduate educationChen, Z.X.; Lee, S.S. ; Samarasekera, D.D. ; Stalmeijer, R.
81-Aug-2021Learning during the pandemic: Perspectives of medical students in SingaporeNg, IKS; Zhang, VRY; Tseng, FS; Tay, DSH; Lee, SS ; Lau, TC 
9Jun-2020Mobile learning in clinical settingsLee Shuh Shing 
10Jun-2020Mobile learning in Clinical Settings: Unveiling the paradox Running Head: Mobile learning in clinical settingsLee Shuh Shing ; Sook Muay Tay ; Ashokka Balakrishnan; Su Ping Yeo ; Dujeepa D Samarasekera 
119-Oct-2018The Clarion Call For A Third Wave In Medical Education To Optimise Healthcare In The 21st CenturyDujeepa D Samarasekera ; Poh Sun Goh ; Shuh Shing Lee ; Matthew C.E. Gwee