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115-Jun-2022ALDI plus plus : Automatic and parameter-less discord and outlier detection for building energy load profilesQuintana, Matias; Stoeckmann, Till; Park, June Young; Turowski, Marian; Hagenmeyer, Veit; Miller, Clayton 
215-Feb-2019Apples or oranges? Identification of fundamental load shape profiles for benchmarking buildings using a large and diverse datasetPark, June Young; Yang, Xiya; Miller, Clayton ; Arjunan, Pandarasamy; Nagy, Zoltan
31-Apr-2022BEEM: Data-driven building energy benchmarking for SingaporeArjunan, Pandarasamy; Poolla, Kameshwar; Miller, Clayton 
415-Feb-2020Design with Comfort: Expanding the psychrometric chart with radiation and convection dimensionsTeitelbaum, Eric; Jayathissa, Prageeth ; Miller, Clayton ; Meggers, Forrest
515-May-2022Energy balances, thermal performance, and heat stress: Disentangling occupant behaviour and weather influences in a Dutch net-zero energy neighborhoodKazmi, Hussain; Keijsers, Merel; Mehmood, Fahad; Miller, Clayton 
61-Jan-2017Energy storage for PV-driven air-conditioning for an off-grid resort - A case studyLuerssen, C; Wahed, A ; Reindl, T ; Miller, C ; Cheong, D ; Sekhar, C 
71-Jul-2020Introducing IEA EBC annex 79: Key challenges and opportunities in the field of occupant -centric building design and operationO'Brien, William; Wagner, Andreas; Schweiker, Marcel; Mahdavi, Ardeshir; Day, Julia; Kjaergaard, Mikkel Baun; Carlucci, Salvatore; Dong, Bing; Tahmasebi, Farhang; Yan, Da; Hong, Tianzhen; Gunay, H Burak; Nagy, Zoltan; Miller, Clayton ; Berger, Christiane
83-May-2022Limitations of machine learning for building energy prediction: ASHRAE Great Energy Predictor III Kaggle competition error analysisMILLER, CLAYTON ; PICCHETTI, BIANCA; FU, CHUN; PANTELIC, JOVAN
91-Jan-2022Personal thermal comfort models using digital twins: Preference prediction with BIM-extracted spatial-temporal proximity data from Build2VecAbdelrahman, Mahmoud M ; Chong, Adrian ; Miller, Clayton 
101-Dec-2022Quality criteria for multi-domain studies in the indoor environment: Critical review towards research guidelines and recommendationsChinazzo, G; Andersen, RK; Azar, E; Barthelmes, VM; Becchio, C; Belussi, L; Berger, C; Carlucci, S; Corgnati, SP; Crosby, S; Danza, L; de Castro, L; Favero, M; Gauthier, S; Hellwig, RT; Jin, Q; Kim, J; Sarey Khanie, M; Khovalyg, D; Lingua, C; Luna-Navarro, A; Mahdavi, A; Miller, C ; Mino-Rodriguez, I; Pigliautile, I; Pisello, AL; Rupp, RF; Sadick, AM; Salamone, F; Schweiker, M; Syndicus, M; Spigliantini, G; Vasquez, NG; Vakalis, D; Vellei, M; Wei, S
1115-Jun-2022Targeting occupant feedback using digital twins: Adaptive spatial–temporal thermal preference sampling to optimize personal comfort modelsAbdelrahman, MM ; Miller, C 
122022Towards occupant-driven district energy system operation: A digital twin platform for energy resilience and occupant well-beingMosteiro-Romero, Martin ; Alva, Pradeep ; Miller, Clayton Carl ; Stouffs, Rudi 
1315-Mar-2022Using Google Trends as a proxy for occupant behavior to predict buildingFu, Chun; Miller, Clayton