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115-Nov-2023A Dynamic Urban Digital Twin Integrating Longitudinal Thermal Imagery for Microclimate StudiesRamani, Vasantha ; Ignatius, Marcel ; Lim, Joie ; Biljecki, Filip ; Miller, Clayton 
225-May-2020Build2Vec: Building Representation in Vector SpaceAbdelrahman, Mahmoud ; Chong, Adrian ; Miller, Clayton 
3Mar-2021Data science for building energy efficiency: A comprehensive text-mining driven review of scientific literatureAbdelrahman, Mahmoud M ; Zhan, Sicheng ; Miller, Clayton ; Chong, Adrian 
42022Digital Twin-Based Resilience Evaluation of District-Scale ArchetypesAlva, Pradeep ; Mosteiro-Romero, Martin ; Miller, Clayton ; Stouffs, Rudi 
51-Jun-2023Elastic buildings: Calibrated district-scale simulation of occupant-flexible campus operation for hybrid work optimizationMosteiro-Romero, M ; Miller, C ; Chong, A; Stouffs, R 
61-Oct-2020Humans-as-a-Sensor for Buildings-Intensive Longitudinal Indoor Comfort ModelsJayathissa, Prageeth ; Quintana, Matias; Abdelrahman, Mahmoud ; Miller, Clayton 
715-Nov-2023Introducing the Cool, Quiet City Competition: Predicting Smartwatch-Reported Heat and Noise with Digital Twin MetricsMiller, Clayton ; Quintana, Matias ; Frei, Mario ; Chua, Yun Xuan ; Fu, Chun; Picchetti, Bianca; Yap, Winston; Chong, Adrian ; Biljecki, Filip 
815-Nov-2021Longitudinal personal thermal comfort preference data in the wildQuintana, M; Abdelrahman, M ; Frei, M ; Tartarini, F; Miller, C 
91-Jan-2022Personal thermal comfort models using digital twins: Preference prediction with BIM-extracted spatial-temporal proximity data from Build2VecAbdelrahman, Mahmoud M ; Chong, Adrian ; Miller, Clayton 
1012-Aug-2022Smartwatch-based ecological momentary assessments for occupant wellness and privacy in buildingsMiller, Clayton Carl ; Christensen, Renee ; Leong, Jin Kai; Abdelrahman, Mahmoud ; Tartarini, Federico; Quintana, Matias ; Mueller, Andre ; Frei, Mario 
1130-Jul-2020Spacematch: Using Environmental Preferences to Match Occupants to Suitable Activity-Based WorkspacesSood, T ; Janssen, P ; Miller, C 
1215-Jun-2022Targeting occupant feedback using digital twins: Adaptive spatial–temporal thermal preference sampling to optimize personal comfort modelsAbdelrahman, MM ; Miller, C 
131-Jan-2019The SDE4 Learning Trail: Crowdsourcing occupant comfort feedback at a net-zero energy buildingSood, Tapeesh ; Quintana, Matias; Jayathissa, Prageeth ; AbdelRahman, Mahmoud ; Miller, Clayton 
142022Thermal Image Analysis of Singapore’s Housing InfrastructureNaveen Mani Kumar, Balakrishnan; Anirudh, Mothiki Eswara; Jeevakaarthik, Dhanabalan; Miller, Clayton ; Biljecki, Filip 
15Mar-2023Towards Human-centric Digital Twins: Leveraging Computer Vision and Graph Models to Predict Outdoor ComfortLiu, Pengyuan; Zhao, Tianhong; Luo, Junjie; Lei, Binyu ; Frei, Mario ; Miller, Clayton ; Biljecki, Filip 
162022Towards occupant-driven district energy system operation: A digital twin platform for energy resilience and occupant well-beingMosteiro-Romero, Martin ; Alva, Pradeep ; Miller, Clayton Carl ; Stouffs, Rudi