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115-Jun-2022ALDI plus plus : Automatic and parameter-less discord and outlier detection for building energy load profilesQuintana, Matias; Stoeckmann, Till; Park, June Young; Turowski, Marian; Hagenmeyer, Veit; Miller, Clayton 
224-Jan-2023Dataset: Green Mark Certified Buildings Metadata from SingaporeTeo, Yi Ting ; Quintana, Matias ; Sabarudin, Mohammed Zikry Bin; Tan, Charlene; Chong, Adrian; Miller, Clayton Carl 
31-Oct-2020Humans-as-a-Sensor for Buildings-Intensive Longitudinal Indoor Comfort ModelsJayathissa, Prageeth ; Quintana, Matias; Abdelrahman, Mahmoud ; Miller, Clayton 
415-Nov-2023Introducing the Cool, Quiet City Competition: Predicting Smartwatch-Reported Heat and Noise with Digital Twin MetricsMiller, Clayton ; Quintana, Matias ; Frei, Mario ; Chua, Yun Xuan ; Fu, Chun; Picchetti, Bianca; Yap, Winston; Chong, Adrian ; Biljecki, Filip 
51-Jan-2019Is your clock-face cozie? A smartwatch methodology for the in-situ collection of occupant comfort dataJayathissa, Prageeth ; Quintana, Matias; Sood, Tapeesh ; Nazarian, Negin; Miller, Clayton 
64-Apr-2020Islands of misfit buildings: Detecting uncharacteristic electricity use behavior using load shape clusteringQuintana, Matias; Arjunan, Pandarasamy; Miller, Clayton 
71-Nov-2022Personal comfort models based on a 6-month experiment using environmental parameters and data from wearablesTartarini, Federico; Schiavon, Stefano; Quintana, Matias ; Miller, Clayton 
81-Jan-2019Poster Abstract: Towards Class-Balancing Human Comfort Datasets with GANsQuintana, Matias; Miller, Clayton 
91-Mar-2021Project Coolbit: can your watch predict heat stress and thermal comfort sensation?Nazarian, Negin; Liu, Sijie; Kohler, Manon ; Lee, Jason KW ; Miller, Clayton ; Chow, Winston TL ; Alhadad, Sharifah Badriyah; Martilli, Alberto; Quintana, Matias; Sunden, Lindsey; Norford, Leslie K
1012-Aug-2022Smartwatch-based ecological momentary assessments for occupant wellness and privacy in buildingsMiller, Clayton Carl ; Christensen, Renee ; Leong, Jin Kai; Abdelrahman, Mahmoud ; Tartarini, Federico; Quintana, Matias ; Mueller, Andre ; Frei, Mario 
111-Jan-2019The SDE4 Learning Trail: Crowdsourcing occupant comfort feedback at a net-zero energy buildingSood, Tapeesh ; Quintana, Matias; Jayathissa, Prageeth ; AbdelRahman, Mahmoud ; Miller, Clayton 
122019Twenty Years of Building Performance Analysis Trends: A Topic Modeling Analysis of the Bldg-Sim Email List ArchiveMiller, Clayton ; Quintana, Matias; Glazer, Jason
132-Sep-2019Twenty Years of Building Simulation Trends: Text Mining and Topic Modeling of the Bldg-Sim Email List ArchiveQuintana, Matias; Glazer, Jason; Clayton Miller