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12017Acute D3 Antagonist GSK598809 Selectively Enhances Neural Response during Monetary Reward Anticipation in Drug and Alcohol DependenceMurphy, A; Nestor, L.J; McGonigle, J; Paterson, L; Boyapati, V; Ersche, K.D; Flechais, R; Kuchibatla, S; Metastasio, A; Orban, C ; Passetti, F; Reed, L; Smith, D; Suckling, J; Taylor, E; Robbins, T.W; Lingford-Hughes, A; Nutt, D.J; Deakin, J.F.W; Elliott, R
22017Effects of naltrexone are influenced by childhood adversity during negative emotional processing in addiction recoverySavulich, G; Riccelli, R; Passamonti, L; Correia, M; Deakin, J.F.W; Elliott, R; Flechais, R.S.A; Lingford-Hughes, A.R; McGonigle, J; Murphy, A; Nutt, D.J; Orban, C ; Paterson, L.M; Reed, L.J; Smith, D.G; Suckling, J; Tait, R; Taylor, E.M; Sahakian, B.J; Robbins, T.W; Ersche, K.D
331-Oct-2021Individual-Specific Areal-Level Parcellations Improve Functional Connectivity Prediction of BehaviorKONG RU ; Qing Yang; Evan Gordon; Aihuiping Xue; Xiaoxuan Yan; CSABA ORBAN ; Xi-Nian Zuo; Nathan Spreng; Tian Ge; Avram Holmes; Simon Eickhoff; Yeo B.T.T. 
42019Inversion of a large-scale circuit model reveals a cortical hierarchy in the dynamic resting human brainWang, P. ; Kong, R. ; Kong, X.; Liégeois, R. ; Orban, C. ; Deco, G.; Van Den Heuvel, M.P.; Yeo, B.T.T. 
52018Naltrexone ameliorates functional network abnormalities in alcohol-dependent individualsMorris, L.S; Baek, K; Tait, R; Elliott, R; Ersche, K.D; Flechais, R; McGonigle, J; Murphy, A; Nestor, L.J; Orban, C ; Passetti, F; Paterson, L.M; Rabiner, I; Reed, L; Smith, D; Suckling, J; Taylor, E.M; Bullmore, E.T; Lingford-Hughes, A.R; Deakin, B; Nutt, D.J; Sahakian, B.J; Robbins, T.W; Voon, V; ICCAM Consorti
62019Resting brain dynamics at different timescales capture distinct aspects of human behaviorLiégeois, R. ; Li, J. ; Kong, R. ; Orban, C. ; Van De Ville, D.; Ge, T.; Sabuncu, M.R.; Yeo, B.T.T. 
72017The ICCAM platform study: An experimental medicine platform for evaluating new drugs for relapse prevention in addiction. Part B: FMRI descriptionMcGonigle, J; Murphy, A; Paterson, L.M; Reed, L.J; Nestor, L; Nash, J; Elliott, R; Ersche, K.D; Flechais, R.S.A; Newbould, R; Orban, C ; Smith, D.G; Taylor, E.M; Waldman, A.D; Robbins, T.W; Deakin, J.F.W; Nutt, D.J; Lingford-Hughes, A.R; Suckling, J