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Cheetham, Anthony Kevin


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2129-Mar-2022Rational Design of Mixed Polyanion Electrodes NaxV2P3-i(Si/S)iO12 for Sodium BatteriesKapoor, Vishakha ; Singh, Baltej ; Sai Gautam, Gopalakrishnan; Cheetham, Anthony K ; Canepa, Pieremanuele 
222014Research Update: Mechanical properties of metal-organic frameworks - Influence of structure and chemical bondingLi, W; Henke, S; Cheetham, A.K 
232016Resolving the Physical Origin of Octahedral Tilting in Halide PerovskitesLee, J.-H; Bristowe, N.C; Lee, J.H; Lee, S.-H; Bristowe, P.D; Cheetham, A.K ; Jang, H.M
242015Role of entropic effects in controlling the polymorphism in formate ABX3 metal-organic frameworksKieslich, G; Kumagai, S; Butler, K.T; Okamura, T; Hendon, C.H; Sun, S; Yamashita, M; Walsh, A; Cheetham, A.K 
252015Role of hydrogen-bonding and its interplay with octahedral tilting in CH3NH3PbI3Lee, J.-H; Bristowe, N.C; Bristowe, P.D; Cheetham, A.K 
2624-Mar-2022Stacking Faults Assist Lithium-Ion Conduction in a Halide-Based Superionic ConductorSebti, Elias; Evans, Hayden A; Chen, Hengning; Richardson, Peter M; White, Kelly M; Giovine, Raynald; Koirala, Krishna Prasad; Xu, Yaobin; Gonzalez-Correa, Eliovardo; Wang, Chongmin; Brown, Craig M; Cheetham, Anthony K ; Canepa, Pieremanuele ; Clément, Raphaële J
272015Structural investigation of Na3NpO4 and Na3PuO4 using X-ray diffraction and 237Np Mössbauer spectroscopySmith, A.L; Raison, P.E; Hen, A; Bykov, D; Colineau, E; Sanchez, J.-P; Konings, R.J.M; Cheetham, A.K 
282017Synthesis and Characterization of the Rare-Earth Hybrid Double Perovskites: (CH3NH3)2KGdCl6 and (CH3NH3)2KYCl6Deng, Z; Wei, F; Brivio, F; Wu, Y ; Sun, S; Bristowe, P.D; Cheetham, A.K 
292016Synthesis, crystal structure, and properties of a perovskite-related bismuth phase, (NH4)3Bi2I9Sun, S; Tominaka, S; Lee, J.-H; Xie, F; Bristowe, P.D; Cheetham, A.K 
301-Dec-2021Theoretical and Experimental Studies of ion Transport in Mixed Polyanion Solid ElectrolytesDeng, Zeyu ; Mishra T., Tara; Mahayoni, Eunike; Ma, Qianli; Guillon, Olivier; Chotard, Jean-Noel; Seznec, Vincent; Cheetham, Anthony ; Masquelier, Christian; Gautam, Gopalakrishnan Sai; Pieremanuele, Canepa 
312015Topochemical conversion of a dense metal-organic framework from a crystalline insulator to an amorphous semiconductorTominaka, S; Hamoudi, H; Suga, T; Bennett, T.D; Cairns, A.B; Cheetham, A.K 
322016Tuneable mechanical and dynamical properties in the ferroelectric perovskite solid solution [NH3NH2]1-x[NH3OH]xZn(HCOO)3Kieslich, G; Kumagai, S; Forse, A.C; Sun, S; Henke, S; Yamashita, M; Grey, C.P; Cheetham, A.K 
3316-Mar-2020Understanding the Structural and Electronic Properties of Bismuth Trihalides and Related CompoundsDeng, Zeyu ; Wei, Fengxia; Wu, Yue ; Seshadri, Ram; Cheetham, Anthony K ; Canepa, Pieremanuele