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121-Nov-2020A chemical map of NaSICON electrode materials for sodium-ion batteriesGILL BALTEJ SINGH ; Ziliang Wang; Sunkyu Park; Gopalakrishnan Sai Gautam; Jean-Noel Chotard; Laurence Croguennec; Dany Carlier; CHEETHAM, ANTHONY KEVIN ; Christian Masquelier; PIEREMANUELE CANEPA 
22015An extended Tolerance Factor approach for organic-inorganic perovskitesKieslich, G; Sun, S; Cheetham, A.K 
319-Oct-2021A Chemical Map of Nasicon Electrode Materials for Sodium-Ion BatteriesGill, Baltej ; Wang, Ziliang; Park, Sunkyu; Gautam, Gopalakrishnan Sai; Chotard, Jean-Noël; Croguennec, Laurence; Carlier, Dany; Cheetham, Anthony K ; Masquelier, Christian; Canepa, Pieremanuele 
42017Functional conductive nanomaterials: Via polymerisation in nano-channels: PEDOT in a MOFWang, T; Farajollahi, M; Henke, S; Zhu, T; Bajpe, S.R; Sun, S; Barnard, J.S; Lee, J.S; Madden, J.D.W; Cheetham, A.K ; Smoukov, S.K
5Dec-2022Fundamental investigations on the sodium-ion transport properties of mixed polyanion solid-state battery electrolytesDeng, Zeyu ; Mishra, Tara P; Mahayoni, Eunike; Ma, Qianli; Tieu, Aaron Jue Kang; Guillon, Olivier; Chotard, Jean-Noël; Seznec, Vincent; Cheetham, Anthony K ; Masquelier, Christian; Gautam, Gopalakrishnan Sai; Canepa, Pieremanuele
62014Graphene-wrapped sulfur/metal organic framework-derived microporous carbon composite for lithium sulfur batteriesChen, R; Zhao, T; Tian, T; Cao, S; Coxon, P.R; Xi, K; Fairen-Jimenez, D; Vasant Kumar, R; Cheetham, A.K 
72017How Strong Is the Hydrogen Bond in Hybrid Perovskites?Svane, K.L; Forse, A.C; Grey, C.P; Kieslich, G; Cheetham, A.K ; Walsh, A; Butler, K.T
82015Hybrid glasses from strong and fragile metal-organic framework liquidsBennett, T.D; Tan, J.-C; Yue, Y; Baxter, E; Ducati, C; Terrill, N.J; Yeung, H.H.-M; Zhou, Z; Chen, W; Henke, S; Cheetham, A.K ; Greaves, G.N
92016Liquid exfoliation of alkyl-ether functionalised layered metal-organic frameworks to nanosheetsFoster, J.A; Henke, S; Schneemann, A; Fischer, R.A; Cheetham, A.K 
102016Melt-Quenched Glasses of Metal-Organic FrameworksBennett, T.D; Yue, Y; Li, P; Qiao, A; Tao, H; Greaves, N.G; Richards, T; Lampronti, G.I; Redfern, S.A.T; Blanc, F; Farha, O.K; Hupp, J.T; Cheetham, A.K ; Keen, D.A
112017Mn(H2POO)3: A New Family of Hybrid Perovskites Based on the Hypophosphite LigandWu, Y ; Shaker, S; Brivio, F; Murugavel, R; Bristowe, P.D; Cheetham, A.K 
122016Mössbauer spectroscopy, magnetization, magnetic susceptibility, and low temperature heat capacity of α-Na2NpO4Smith, A.L; Hen, A; Magnani, N; Sanchez, J.-P; Colineau, E; Griveau, J.-C; Raison, P.E; Caciuffo, R; Konings, R.J.M; Cheetham, A.K 
132015Nanofiller-tuned microporous polymer molecular sieves for energy and environmental processesSong, Q; Cao, S; Pritchard, R.H; Qiblawey, H; Terentjev, E.M; Cheetham, A.K ; Sivaniah, E
142016Organised chaos: Entropy in hybrid inorganic-organic systems and other materialsButler, K.T; Walsh, A; Cheetham, A.K ; Kieslich, G
152017Oriented Two-Dimensional Porous Organic Cage CrystalsJiang, S; Song, Q; Massey, A; Chong, S.Y; Chen, L; Sun, S; Hasell, T; Raval, R; Sivaniah, E; Cheetham, A.K ; Cooper, A.I
1627-Aug-2020Phase Behavior in Rhombohedral NaSiCON Electrolytes and ElectrodesDENG ZEYU ; Gopalakrishnan Sai Gautam; Sanjeev Krishna Kolli; Jean-Noël Chotard; CHEETHAM, ANTHONY KEVIN ; Christian Masquelier; PIEREMANUELE CANEPA 
172014Phase transitions in zeolitic imidazolate framework 7: The importance of framework flexibility and guest-induced instabilityZhao, P; Lampronti, G.I; Lloyd, G.O; Wharmby, M.T; Facq, S; Cheetham, A.K ; Redfern, S.A.T
182016Porosity in metal-organic framework glassesThornton, A.W; Jelfs, K.E; Konstas, K; Doherty, C.M; Hill, A.J; Cheetham, A.K ; Bennett, T.D
192014Preface to Special Topic: Metal-organic framework materialsLi, W; Gao, S; Cheetham, A.K 
202019Rational approach to guest confinement inside MOF cavities for low-temperature catalysisWang, T.; Gao, L.; Hou, J.; Herou, S.J.A.; Griffiths, J.T.; Li, W.; Dong, J.; Gao, S.; Titirici, M.-M.; Kumar, R.V.; Cheetham, A.K. ; Bao, X.; Fu, Q.; Smoukov, S.K.