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12015A Weyl Fermion semimetal with surface Fermi arcs in the transition metal monopnictide TaAs classHuang, S.-M; Xu, S.-Y; Belopolski, I; Lee, C.-C ; Chang, G; Wang, B ; Alidoust, N; Bian, G; Neupane, M; Zhang, C; Jia, S; Bansil, A ; Lin, H ; Hasan, M.Z
22017Characterization of Thin Film Materials using SCAN meta-GGA, an Accurate Nonempirical Density FunctionalBuda, I.G; Lane, C; Barbiellini, B; Ruzsinszky, A; Sun, J; Bansil, A 
32017Entropic origin of pseudogap physics and a mott-slater transition in cupratesMarkiewicz, R.S; Buda, I.G; Mistark, P; Lane, C; Bansil, A 
42014Fermi arcs vs. Fermi pockets in electron-doped perovskite iridatesHe, J; Hafiz, H; Mion, T.R; Hogan, T; Dhital, C; Chen, X; Lin, Q; Hashimoto, M; Lu, D.H; Zhang, Y; Markiewicz, R.S; Bansil, A ; Wilson, S.D; He, R.-H
52015Fermi-surface-free superconductivity in underdoped (Bi,Pb)(Sr,La)2 CuO6+? (Bi2201)Mistark, P; Hafiz, H; Markiewicz, R.S; Bansil, A 
62015Gutzwiller charge phase diagram of cuprates, including electron-phonon coupling effectsMarkiewicz, R.S; Seibold, G; Lorenzana, J; Bansil, A 
72014Hydrogenated ultra-thin tin films predicted as two-dimensional topological insulatorsChou, B.-H; Huang, Z.-Q; Hsu, C.-H; Chuang, F.-C; Liu, Y.-T ; Lin, H ; Bansil, A 
82017Inter-Layer Coupling Induced Valence Band Edge Shift in Mono- to Few-Layer MoS 2Trainer, D.J; Putilov, A.V; Di Giorgio, C; Saari, T; Wang, B; Wolak, M; Chandrasena, R.U; Lane, C; Chang, T.-R; Jeng, H.-T; Lin, H ; Kronast, F; Gray, A.X; Xi, X.X; Nieminen, J; Bansil, A ; Iavarone, M
92017New insights into the nanostructure of innovative thin film solar cells gained by positron annihilation spectroscopyEijt, S.W.H; Shi, W; Mannheim, A; Butterling, M; Schut, H; Egger, W; Dickmann, M; Hugenschmidt, C; Shakeri, B; Meulenberg, R.W; Callewaert, V; Saniz, R; Partoens, B; Barbiellini, B; Bansil, A ; Melskens, J; Zeman, M; Smets, A.H.M; Kulbak, M; Hodes, G; Cahen, D; Brück, E
102016Observation of the spin-polarized surface state in a noncentrosymmetric superconductor BiPdNeupane, M; Alidoust, N; Hosen, M.M; Zhu, J.-X; Dimitri, K; Xu, S.-Y; Dhakal, N; Sankar, R; Belopolski, I; Sanchez, D.S; Chang, T.-R; Jeng, H.-T; Miyamoto, K; Okuda, T; Lin, H ; Bansil, A ; Kaczorowski, D; Chou, F; Hasan, M.Z; Durakiewicz, T
112015Predicted Growth of Two-Dimensional Topological Insulator Thin Films of III-V Compounds on Si(111) SubstrateYao, L.-Z ; Crisostomo, C.P; Yeh, C.-C; Lai, S.-M; Huang, Z.-Q; Hsu, C.-H; Chuang, F.-C; Lin, H ; Bansil, A 
122016Prediction of an arc-tunable Weyl Fermion metallic state in MoxW1-xTe2Chang, T.-R; Xu, S.-Y; Chang, G; Lee, C.-C ; Huang, S.-M; Wang, B ; Bian, G; Zheng, H; Sanchez, D.S; Belopolski, I; Alidoust, N; Neupane, M; Bansil, A ; Jeng, H.-T; Lin, H ; Zahid Hasan, M
132016Prediction of Quantum Anomalous Hall Insulator in half-fluorinated GaBi HoneycombChen, S.-P; Huang, Z.-Q; Crisostomo, C.P; Hsu, C.-H; Chuang, F.-C; Lin, H ; Bansil, A 
142016Short range smectic order driving long range nematic order: Example of cupratesMarkiewicz, R.S; Lorenzana, J; Seibold, G; Bansil, A 
152014Strain driven topological phase transitions in atomically thin films of group IV and v elements in the honeycomb structuresHuang, Z.-Q; Hsu, C.-H; Chuang, F.-C ; Liu, Y.-T ; Lin, H ; Su, W.-S; Ozolins, V; Bansil, A 
162013Surfaces of colloidal PbSe nanocrystals probed by thin-film positron annihilation spectroscopyChai, L; Al-Sawai, W; Gao, Y; Houtepen, A.J; Mijnarends, P.E; Barbiellini, B; Schut, H; Van Schaarenburg, L.C; Van Huis, M.A; Ravelli, L; Egger, W; Kaprzyk, S; Bansil, A ; Eijt, S.W.H
172010Topological insulators in the quaternary chalcogenide compounds and ternary famatinite compoundsWang, Y.J; Lin, H ; Das, T; Hasan, M.Z; Bansil, A 
182016Topological nodal-line fermions in spin-orbit metal PbTaSe2Bian, G; Chang, T.-R; Sankar, R; Xu, S.-Y; Zheng, H; Neupert, T; Chiu, C.-K; Huang, S.-M; Chang, G; Belopolski, I; Sanchez, D.S; Neupane, M; Alidoust, N; Liu, C; Wang, B ; Lee, C.-C ; Jeng, H.-T; Zhang, C; Yuan, Z; Jia, S; Bansil, A ; Chou, F; Lin, H ; Hasan, M.Z
192018Tunable double-Weyl Fermion semimetal state in the SrSi2 materials classSingh B. ; Chang G.; Chang T.-R.; Huang S.-M.; Su C. ; Lin M.-C.; Lin H.; Bansil A. 
202016Two-dimensional Topological Crystalline Insulator Phase in Sb/Bi Planar Honeycomb with Tunable Dirac GapHsu, C.-H ; Huang, Z.-Q; Crisostomo, C.P; Yao, L.-Z ; Chuang, F.-C ; Liu, Y.-T ; Wang, B ; Hsu, C.-H ; Lee, C.-C ; Lin, H ; Bansil, A