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11-Dec-2018Direct observation of room-temperature out-of-plane ferroelectricity and tunneling electroresistance at the two-dimensional limitWang H.; Liu Z.R.; Yoong H.Y.; Paudel T.R.; Xiao J.X. ; Guo R. ; Lin W.N. ; Yang P. ; Wang J. ; Chow G.M. ; Venkatesan T. ; Tsymbal E.Y.; Tian H.; Chen J.S. 
22016Effects of strain relaxation in Pr0.67Sr0.33MnO3 films probed by polarization dependent X-ray absorption near edge structureZhang, B ; Chen, J ; Yang, P ; Chi, X ; Lin, W ; Venkatesan, T ; Sun, C.-J; Heald, S.M; Chow, G.M 
32019Interface-based tuning of Rashba spin-orbit interaction in asymmetric oxide heterostructures with 3d electronsLin, W. ; Li, L.; Do?an, F.; Li, C. ; Rotella, H.; Yu, X. ; Zhang, B. ; Li, Y. ; Lew, W.S.; Wang, S.; Prellier, W.; Pennycook, S.J. ; Chen, J. ; Zhong, Z.; Manchon, A.; Wu, T.
42019Large spin-orbit torque efficiency enhanced by magnetic structure of collinear antiferromagnet IrMnZhou, J. ; Wang, X.; Liu, Y.; Yu, J.; Fu, H.; Liu, L. ; Chen, S. ; Deng, J.; Lin, W. ; Shu, X.; Yoong, H.Y.; Hong, T.; Matsuda, M.; Yang, P. ; Adams, S. ; Yan, B.; Han, X.; Chen, J. 
52018Tuning of current-induced effective magnetic field through Rashba effect engineering in hybrid multiferroic structuresLin W. ; Pollard S.D. ; Guo R.; Yoong H.Y.; Chen S. ; Wang H. ; Liu L. ; Li C. ; Yu X. ; Xiao J. ; Chi X. ; Yu J.; Zhou J. ; Zhou T. ; Yang H. ; Chen J.