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1Jun-2020Back Cover: Toward Valley‐Coupled Spin Qubits (Adv. Quantum Technol. 6/2020)Goh, Kuan Eng Johnson ; Bussolotti, Fabio; Lau, Chit Siong; Kotekar‐Patil, Dharmraj; Ooi, Zi En; Chee, Jing Yee
21-Nov-2018Effect of Phonons on Valley Depolarization in Monolayer WSe2Vijila Chellappan ; Ai Lin Christina Pang; Soumya Sarkar ; Zi En Ooi; Kuan Eng Johnson Goh 
32018Electronic properties of atomically thin MoS2 layers grown by physical vapour deposition: Band structure and energy level alignment at layer/substrate interfacesBussolotti, F; Chai, J; Yang, M; Kawai, H; Zhang, Z; Wang, S ; Wong, S.L; Manzano, C; Huang, Y; Chi, D; Goh, K.E.J 
41-Jan-2019Evidence of Spin Frustration in a Vanadium Diselenide Monolayer MagnetWong, PKJ ; Zhang, W ; Bussolotti, F; Yin, X ; Herng, TS ; Zhang, L ; Huang, YL; Vinai, G; Krishnamurthi, S:; Bukhvalov, DW; Zheng, YJ ; Chua, R ; N'Diaye, AT; Morton, SA; Yang, CY; Ou Yang, KH; Torelli, P; Chen, W ; Goh, KEJ ; Ding, J ; Lin, MT; Brocks, G; de Jong, MP; Castro Neto, AH ; Wee, ATS 
511-Sep-2020Quantum Transport in Two-Dimensional WS2 with High-Efficiency Carrier Injection through Indium Alloy ContactsLau, Chit Siong; Chee, Jing Yee; Ang, Yee Sin; Tong, Shi Wun ; Cao, Liemao; Ooi, Zi-En; Wang, Tong; Ang, Lay Kee; Wang, Yan; Chhowalla, Manish; Goh, Kuan Eng Johnson 
613-May-2020Toward Valley‐Coupled Spin QubitsGoh Kuan Eng, Johnson ; Bussolotti, Fabio; Lau, Chit Siong; Kotekar-Patil, Dharmraj; Zi En, Ooi; Jing Yee, Chee