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Chung Wen Raymond Wong

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11-Apr-2010Biomechanics of mandibular reconstruction: a reviewWong, RCW ; Tideman, H; Kin, L; Merkx, MAW
227-Nov-2020Can carotid artery calcifications on dental radiographs predict adverse vascular events? A systematic reviewLim, Li Zhen ; Koh, Pamela Shu Fen; Cao, Shuo; Wong, Raymond Chung Wen 
31-Jun-2017Changes in bite force after orthognathic surgical correction of mandibular prognathism: a systematic reviewIslam, I ; Lim, AAT ; Wong, RCW 
41-Jun-2022Current Status and Outlook of Temporary Implants (Magnesium/Zinc) in Cardiovascular ApplicationsPrasadh, Somasundaram; Raguraman, Sreenivas; Wong, Raymond ; Gupta, Manoj 
5Jul-2016HESC to IPSC: prohibition to controlled permissiveness to ethical panaceaIntekhab, I ; Rosa, V ; Wong, RCW 
69-Jul-2019Juxta-articular tumoral calcinosis associated with the temporomandibular joint: a case report and concise reviewSha, Yang; Hong, Kanglun ; Liew, Melvin Kang Ming ; Lum, Jing Li ; Wong, Raymond Chung Wen 
72018Osteogenic potential of graphene in bone tissue engineering scaffoldsPrasadh S.; Suresh, S ; Wong R. 
81-Apr-2011Review of biomechanical models used in studying the biomechanics of reconstructed mandiblesWong, RCW ; Tideman, H; Merkx, MAW; Jansen, J; Goh, SM; Liao, K
97-Mar-2019The Potential of Magnesium Based Materials in Mandibular ReconstructionPrasadh, Somasundaram; Ratheesh, Vaishnavi; Manakari, Vyasaraj; Parande, Gururaj ; Gupta, Manoj ; Wong, Raymond 
10Aug-2022The Provision of Dental Care to COVID-19 Survivors: A Concise ReviewNgeow, Wei Cheong; Tang, Liszen; Ho, Jan Yang; Tay, Hui Wen; Wong, Raymond Chung Wen ; Ahmad, Mas Suryalis; Marla, Vinay; Sekar, Karthick
111-Jul-2018Unraveling the mechanical strength of biomaterials used as a bone scaffold in oral and maxillofacial defectsPrasadh, S; Wong, RCW