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12015Activation of surrogate death receptor signaling triggers peroxynitrite-dependent execution of cisplatinresistant cancer cellsSeah, S ; Low, I ; Hirpara, J.L ; Sachaphibulkij, K ; Kroemer, G; Brenner, C; Pervaiz, S 
22019Altered brain structure with preserved cortical motor activity after exertional hypohydration: A MRI studyTan X.R.; Low I.C.C. ; Stephenson M.C.; Kok T.; Nolte H.W.; Soong T.W. ; Lee J.K.W. 
331-Jan-2021Assessment of dehydration using body mass changes of elite marathoners in the tropicsTan, XR; IVAN LOW CHERH CHIET ; Byrne, C; Wang, R; JASON LEE KAI WEI 
41-May-2017Effects Of Exercise-induced Hypohydration On Brain Structure And Function, A MRI StudyTan, XR; Low, Ivan CC ; Stephenson, Mary C; Kok, T; Nolte, Heinrich W; Soong, TW ; Lee, Jason KW 
51-Nov-2022Efficacy of Isothermic Conditioning over Military-Based Heat Acclimatization and Interval Training in Tropical Native MalesTan, Shawn Chee Chong ; Ang, Wee Hon ; Lim, Louisa Si Xian ; Low, Ivan Cherh Chiet ; Lee, Jason Kai Wei 
61-May-2016Extracellular Heat Shock Protein Responses Following 5-And 10-days Of Heat Acclimatisation In Fire-fighting TraineesAng, Wee Hon; Mui, Chin Nam; Muhammad, Nazri Bin Isa; Low, Ivan Cherh Chiet ; Oh, Janice Hui Hong; Lee, Jason Kai Wei 
71-May-2017Functional Changes in Motor Cortical Brain Regions following Passive and Exertional Heat StressLow, Ivan CC ; Tan, XR; Stephenson, Mary C; Soong, TW ; Lee, Jason KW 
82018Neural basis of exertional fatigue in the heat: A review of magnetic resonance imaging methodsTan X.R.; Low I.C.C. ; Stephenson M.C.; Soong T.W. ; Lee J.K.W. 
92020Serine-70 phosphorylated Bcl-2 prevents oxidative stress-induced DNA damage by modulating the mitochondrial redox metabolismChong, S.J.F.; Iskandar, K. ; Lai, J.X.H. ; Qu, J. ; Raman, D. ; Valentin, R.; Herbaux, C.; Collins, M.; Low, I.C.C. ; Loh, T.; Davids, M.; Pervaiz, S. 
102020Thermoregulatory responses to ice slurry ingestion during low and moderate intensity exercises with restrictive heat lossAlhadad S.B.; Low I.C.C. ; Lee J.K.W.