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12018Candida albicans gains azole resistance by altering sphingolipid compositionGao, J; Wang, H; Li, Z; Wong, A.H.-H; Wang, Y.-Z; Guo, Y; Lin, X; Zeng, G; Wang, Y ; Wang, J
22007Candida albicans hyphal morphogenesis occurs in Sec3p-independent and Sec3p-dependent phases separated by septin ring formationLi, C.-R; Lee, R.T.-H; Wang, Y.-M; Zheng, X.-D; Wang, Y 
32015Cell Cycle-Independent Phospho-Regulation of Fkh2 during Hyphal Growth Regulates Candida albicans PathogenesisGreig J.A.; Sudbery I.M.; Richardson J.P.; Naglik J.R.; Wang Y. ; Sudbery P.E.
42010CO2 acts as a signalling molecule in populations of the fungal pathogen Candida albicansHall R.A.; de Sordi L.; MacCallum D.M.; Topal H.; Eaton R.; Bloor J.W.; Robinson G.K.; Levin L.R.; Buck J.; Wang Y. ; Gow N.A.R.; Steegborn C.; Mühlschlegel F.A.
52019Erratum to: Candida albicans gains azole resistance by altering sphingolipid composition (Nature Communications, (2018), 9, 1, (4495), 10.1038/s41467-018-06944-1)Gao, J; Wang, H; Li, Z; Wong, A.H.-H; Wang, Y.-Z; Guo, Y; Lin, X; Zeng, G; Wang, Y ; Wang, J
62018Genome-wide identification of natural RNA aptamers in prokaryotes and eukaryotesTapsin, S; Sun, M; Shen, Y; Zhang, H; Lim, X.N ; Susanto, T.T; Yang, S.L; Zeng, G.S; Lee, J; Lezhava, A; Ang, E.L; Zhang, L.H; Wang, Y ; Zhao, H; Nagarajan, N ; Wan, Y
72018Maize transposable elements Ac/Ds as insertion mutagenesis tools in Candida albicansMielich, K; Shtifman-Segal, E; Golz, J.C; Zeng, G; Wang, Y ; Berman, J; Kunze, R
82015New "haploid biofilm model" unravels IRA2 as a novel regulator of Candida albicans biofilm formationSeneviratne, C.J ; Zeng, G; Truong, T; Sze, S; Wong, W; Samaranayake, L; Chan, F.Y; Wang, Y.-M; Wang, H; Gao, J; Wang, Y 
92012Pph3 dephosphorylation of Rad53 is required for cell recovery from MMS-induced DNA damage in Candida albicansWang H.; Gao J.; Li W.; Wong A.H.-H.; Hu K.; Chen K.; Wang Y. ; Sang J.
102018Sac7 and Rho1 regulate the white-to-opaque switching in Candida albicansYang, S.L; Zeng, G; Chan, F.Y; Wang, Y.-M; Yang, D; Wang, Y 
112016The Nim1 kinase Gin4 has distinct domains crucial for septin assembly, phospholipid binding and mitotic exitYong, J.Y.A; Wang, Y.-M; Wang, Y 
122018Use of haploid model of Candida albicans to uncover mechanism of action of a novel antifungal agentTruong T. ; Suriyanarayanan T. ; Zeng G.; Le T.D.; Liu L.; Li J.; Tong C. ; Wang Y. ; Seneviratne C.J. 
132008Use of multiple methods for genotyping Fusarium during an outbreak of contact lens associated fungal keratitis in SingaporeJureen, R ; Koh, T.H ; Wang, G; Chai, L.Y.A ; Tan, A.L ; Chai, T; Wong, Y.W; Wang, Y ; Tambyah, P.A ; Beuerman, R ; Tan, D