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12014A randomized controlled trial of standard versus intensified tuberculosis diagnostics on treatment decisions by physicians in Northern TanzaniaReddy, E.A; Njau, B.N; Morpeth, S.C; Lancaster, K.E; Tribble, A.C; Maro, V.P; Msuya, L.J; Morrissey, A.B; Kibiki, G.S; Thielman, N.M; Cunningham, C.K; Schimana, W; Shao, J.F; Chow, S.-C ; Stout, J.E; Crump, J.A; Bartlett, J.A; Hamilton, C.D
22008Adaptive design methods in clinical trials - A reviewChow, S.-C ; Chang, M
32011Benefits, challenges and obstacles of adaptive clinical trial designsChow, S.-C ; Corey, R
42017Clinical Performance of Prediction Rules and Nasogastric Lavage for the Evaluation of Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding: A Retrospective Observational StudyDakik, H.K; Srygley, F.D; Chiu, S.-T; Chow, S.-C ; Fisher, D.A
52015Confidence region approach for assessing bioequivalence and biosimilarity accounting for heterogeneity of variabilityLi, J; Chow, S.-C 
62016Female gender lost protective effect against disease progression in elderly patients with chronic hepatitis BYou, H; Kong, Y; Hou, J; Wei, L; Zhang, Y; Niu, J; Han, T; Ou, X; Dou, X; Shang, J; Tang, H; Xie, Q; Ding, H; Ren, H; Xu, X; Xie, W; Liu, X; Xu, Y; Li, Y; Li, J; Chow, S.-C ; Zhuang, H; Jia, J
72014In vivo and in vitro bioequivalence testingLu, Y; Chow, S.-C ; Zhu, S
82012On the regulatory approval pathway of biosimilar productsWang, J; Chow, S.-C 
92013Statistical considerations in biosimilar assessment using biosimilarity indexZhang, A; Tzeng, J.-Y; Chow, S.-C