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12017Crystal structure of TAZ-TEAD complex reveals a distinct interaction mode from that of YAP-TEAD complexKristal Kaan, H.Y; Chan, S.W; Tan, S.K.J; Guo, F ; Lim, C.J; Hong, W ; Song, H 
217-Aug-2021Crystal structure of the INTS3/INTS6 complex reveals the functional importance of INTS3 dimerization in DSB repairJia, Yu; Cheng, Zixiu; Bharath, Sakshibeedu R.; Sun, Qiangzu; Su, Nannan; Huang, Jun; Song, Haiwei 
32007MLN51 stimulates the RNA-helicase activity of elF4AlllNoble C.G.; Song H. 
42019Structural basis for DNA unwinding at forked dsDNA by two coordinating Pif1 helicasesSu, N.; Byrd, A.K.; Bharath, S.R.; Yang, O.; Jia, Y.; Tang, X.; Ha, T.; Raney, K.D.; Song, H. 
52018Structural basis for reactivating the mutant TERT promoter by cooperative binding of p52 and ETS1Xu, X; Li, Y; Bharath, S.R; Ozturk, M.B; Bowler, M.W; Loo, B.Z.L; Tergaonkar, V ; Song, H 
62015Structural basis of Ornithine Decarboxylase inactivation and accelerated degradation by polyamine sensor Antizyme1Wu, D; Kaan, H.Y.K; Zheng, X; Tang, X; He, Y; Vanessa Tan, Q; Zhang, N; Song, H 
72016Structural basis of suppression of host translation termination by Moloney Murine Leukemia VirusTang, X; Zhu, Y; Baker, S.L; Bowler, M.W; Chen, B.J; Chen, C; Hogg, J.R; Goff, S.P; Song, H 
82017Targeting YAP/TAZ-TEAD protein-protein interactions using fragment-based and computational modeling approachesKaan H.Y.K.; Sim A.Y.L.; Tan S.K.J.; Verma C. ; Song H.