Matias Alberto Quintana Rosales


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Matias Alberto Quintana Rosales
(not current staff)
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jan-2023Cohort comfort models — Using occupant's similarity to predict personal thermal preference with less dataQuintana, M ; Schiavon, S; Tartarini, F; Kim, J; Miller, C 
29-Nov-2022ComfortLearn: Enabling agent-based occupant-centric building controlsQuintana, M ; Nagy, Z; Tartarini, F; Schiavon, S; Miller, C 
324-Jan-2023Dataset: Green Mark Certified Buildings Metadata from SingaporeTeo, Yi Ting ; Quintana, Matias ; Sabarudin, Mohammed Zikry Bin; Tan, Charlene; Chong, Adrian; Miller, Clayton Carl 
49-Nov-2022From Model-Centric to Data-Centric: A Practical MPC Implementation Framework for BuildingsZhan, S ; Quintana, M ; Miller, C ; Chong, A 
515-Nov-2023Introducing the Cool, Quiet City Competition: Predicting Smartwatch-Reported Heat and Noise with Digital Twin MetricsMiller, Clayton ; Quintana, Matias ; Frei, Mario ; Chua, Yun Xuan ; Fu, Chun; Picchetti, Bianca; Yap, Winston; Chong, Adrian ; Biljecki, Filip 
61-Nov-2022Personal comfort models based on a 6-month experiment using environmental parameters and data from wearablesTartarini, Federico; Schiavon, Stefano; Quintana, Matias ; Miller, Clayton 
712-Aug-2022Smartwatch-based ecological momentary assessments for occupant wellness and privacy in buildingsMiller, Clayton Carl ; Christensen, Renee ; Leong, Jin Kai; Abdelrahman, Mahmoud ; Tartarini, Federico; Quintana, Matias ; Mueller, Andre ; Frei, Mario 
81-Nov-2023The Building Data Genome Directory – An open, comprehensive data sharing platform for building performance researchJin, Xiaoyu; Fu, Chun; Kazmi, Hussain; Balint, Atilla; Canaydin, Ada; Quintana, Matias ; Biljecki, Filip ; Xiao, Fu; Miller, Clayton 
99-Nov-2022Towards smartwatch-driven just-in-time adaptive interventions (JITAI) for building occupantsMiller, C ; Chua, YX; Frei, M ; Quintana, M