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120-Jul-2012A high-throughput screen to identify inhibitors of ATP homeostasis in non-replicating mycobacterium tuberculosisMak, P.A.; Rao, S.P.S.; Ping Tan, M.; Lin, X.; Chyba, J.; Tay, J.; Ng, S.H.; Tan, B.H.; Cherian, J.; Duraiswamy, J.; Bifani, P.; Lim, V.; Lee, B.H.; Ling Ma, N.; Beer, D.; Thayalan, P.; Kuhen, K.; Chatterjee, A.; Supek, F.; Glynne, R.; Zheng, J.; Boshoff, H.I.; Barry, C.E.; Dick, T. ; Pethe, K.; Camacho, L.R.
2Feb-2013A novel F420-dependent anti-oxidant mechanism protects Mycobacterium tuberculosis against oxidative stress and bactericidal agentsGurumurthy, M.; Rao, M.; Mukherjee, T.; Rao, S.P.S.; Boshoff, H.I.; Dick, T. ; Barry, C.E.; Manjunatha, U.H.
37-Feb-2013Characterization of Phosphofructokinase Activity in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Reveals That a Functional Glycolytic Carbon Flow Is Necessary to Limit the Accumulation of Toxic Metabolic Intermediates under HypoxiaPhong, W.Y.; Lin, W.; Rao, S.P.S.; Dick, T. ; Alonso, S.; Pethe, K.
4Nov-2012Comprehensive analysis of methods used for the evaluation of compounds against Mycobacterium tuberculosisFranzblau, S.G.; Degroote, M.A.; Cho, S.H.; Andries, K.; Nuermberger, E.; Orme, I.M.; Mdluli, K.; Angulo-Barturen, I.; Dick, T. ; Dartois, V.; Lenaerts, A.J.
5May-1996Cytoplasmic dynein (ddlc1) mutations cause morphogenetic defects and apoptotic cell death in Drosophila melanogasterDick, T. ; Ray, K. ; Salz, H.K.; Chia, W. 
615-Oct-1997Drosophila DPP2C1, a novel member of the protein phosphatase 2C (PP2C) familyDick, T. ; Bahri, S.M. ; Chia, W. 
72002Erratum: Inducibility of the Streptomyces traRts107-Ptra expression cassette in Mycobacterium smegmatis (Biological Chemistry (2000) vol. 381 (517-519))Lim, A.; Boon, C.; Dick, T. 
831-Jul-2013Exploring the Mode of Action of Bioactive Compounds by Microfluidic Transcriptional Profiling in MycobacteriaMurima, P.; de Sessions, P.F.; Lim, V.; Naim, A.N.M.; Bifani, P.; Boshoff, H.I.M.; Sambandamurthy, V.K.; Dick, T. ; Hibberd, M.L.; Schreiber, M.; Rao, S.P.S.
91-Nov-2012Heterogeneity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains in Makassar, IndonesiaSasmono, R.T.; Massi, M.N.; Setianingsih, T.Y.; Wahyuni, S.; Anita; Halik, H.; Yusuf, I.; Dick, T. ; Sola, C.; Bifani, P.J.; Phyu, S.
10Dec-2013In silico analyses for the discovery of tuberculosis drug targetsChung, B.K.-S.; Dick, T. ; Lee, D.-Y.
111996Molecular and genetic characterization of SLC1, a putative Saccharomyces cerevisiae homolog of the metazoan cytoplasmic dynein light chain 1Dick, T. ; Surana, U. ; Chia, W. 
121995On the functional overlap between two Drosophila POU homeo domain genes and the cell fate specification of a CNS neural precursorSu Ling Yeo ; Lloyd, A.; Kozak, K.; Dinh, A.; Dick, T. ; Yang, X. ; Sakonju, S.; Chia, W. 
139-Aug-2013Para-aminosalicylic acid is a prodrug targeting dihydrofolate reductase in mycobacterium tuberculosisZheng, J.; Rubin, E.J.; Bifani, P.; Mathys, V.; Lim, V.; Au, M.; Jang, J.; Nam, J.; Dick, T. ; Walker, J.R.; Pethe, K.; Camacho, L.R.
14Apr-2013Reduced drug uptake in phenotypically resistant nutrient-starved nonreplicating Mycobacterium tuberculosisSarathy, J.; Dartois, V.; Dick, T. ; Gengenbacher, M.
15Jan-2012Substrate specificity of the deazaflavin-dependent nitroreductase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis responsible for the bioreductive activation of bicyclic nitroimidazolesGurumurthy, M.; Mukherjee, T.; Dowd, C.S.; Singh, R.; Niyomrattanakit, P.; Tay, J.A.; Nayyar, A.; Lee, Y.S.; Cherian, J.; Boshoff, H.I.; Dick, T. ; Barry III, C.E.; Manjunatha, U.H.
162008The protonmotive force is required for maintaining ATP homeostasis and viability of hypoxic, nonreplicating Mycobacterium tuberculosisRao, S.P.S.; Rand, L.; Dick, T. ; Pethe, K. ; Alonso, S. 
171993The role of a Drosophila POU homeo domain gene in the specification of neural precursor cell identity in the developing embryonic central nervous systemYang, X. ; Yeo, S. ; Dick, T. ; Chia, W. 
181991Two closely linked Drosophila POU domain genes are expressed in neuroblasts and sensory elementsDick, T. ; Yang, X. ; Yeo, S. ; Chia, W. 
19Jan-2013Variations of subunit ε of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis F 1FO ATP synthase and a novel model for mechanism of action of the tuberculosis drug TMC207Biuković, G.; Basak, S.; Manimekalai, M.S.S.; Rishikesan, S.; Roessle, M.; Dick, T. ; Rao, S.P.S.; Hunke, C.; Grüber, G.