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Muthusamy Shanthi
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Shanthi, M.


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12009Combined electric field and stress-induced R-O phase transformation in [011]-poled Pb (Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-(28-32) % PbTiO3 single crystals of [011̄]-length cutShanthi, M. ; Lim, L.C. 
22008Complete sets of elastic, dielectric, and piezoelectric properties of flux-grown [011]-poled Pb (Mg13 Nb23) O3 - (28-32) % PbTi O3 single crystalsShanthi, M. ; Lim, L.C. ; Rajan, K.K.; Jin, J.
32010Deduced property matrices of domain-engineered relaxor single crystals of [110]L × [001]T cut: Effects of domain wall contributions and domain-domain interactionsShukla, R.; Rajan, K.K.; Shanthi, M. ; Jin, J.; Lim, L.-C. ; Gandhi, P.
48-Jan-2007Dielectric and piezoelectric properties of [0 0 1] and [0 1 1]-poled relaxor ferroelectric PZN-PT and PMN-PT single crystalsRajan, K.K. ; Shanthi, M. ; Chang, W.S. ; Jin, J.; Lim, L.C. 
5Aug-2011Effect of Mg/nano-Al2O3 interaction time during stirring on microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg-Al2O 3 compositeShanthi, M. ; Xia, G.L.X.; Gupta, M. 
65-Feb-2012Effect of niobium particulate addition on the microstructure and mechanical properties of pure magnesiumShanthi, M. ; Jayaramanavar, P.; Vyas, V.; Seenivasan, D.V.S.; Gupta, M. 
7Feb-2007Effects of grain size on the wear of recycled AZ91 MgShanthi, M. ; Lim, C.Y.H. ; Lu, L. 
82009Electric-field- and stress-induced R-O phase transformation in [011]-poled Pb (Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3- (28-32) % PbTiO3 single crystals of [100]-length cutShanthi, M. ; Lim, L.C. 
92011Enhancing overall tensile behavior or ductility of AZ91D using nano-Al 2O3 and heat treatmentShanthi, M. ; Tun, K.S. ; Pandey, R.S.; Gupta, M. 
101-Sep-2005Flux growth of high-homogeneity PMN-PT single crystals and their property characterizationLim, L.C. ; Shanthi, M. ; Rajan, K.K. ; Lim, C.Y.H. 
1114-Nov-2005Overpoling resistance of [011]-poled Pb (Mg13 Nb 2/3)O3 -PbTiO3 single crystalsShanthi, M. ; Chia, S.M.; Lim, L.C. 
1227-Jun-2005Overpoling-induced property degradation in Pb (Mg 1/3Nb 2/3)O 3-PbTiO 3 single crystals of near-morphotropic phase boundary compositionsShanthi, M. ; Hoe, K.H.; Lim, C.Y.H. ; Lim, L.C. 
132008Phase transformations in annealed PZN-4.5%PT single crystalsLim, L.C. ; Chang, W.S. ; Rajan, K.K. ; Shanthi, M. ; Yang, P. ; Moser, H.O. ; Tu, C.-S.; Wang, F.-T.; Tseng, C.-T.; Bhalla, A.S.; Guo, R.
142010Producing magnesium metallic glass by disintegrated melt depositionShanthi, M. ; Gupta, M. ; Jarfors, A.E.W.; Tan, M.J.
15Jul-2010Sliding wear behaviour of calcium containing AZ31B/Al2O3 nanocompositesShanthi, M. ; Nguyen, Q.B. ; Gupta, M. 
16Jul-2011Stress and electric field induced phase transformation phenomena in [0 1 1]-poled PZN-PT single crystals of [1 0 0]-length cutShanthi, M. ; Lin, D.-H.; See, R.; Chang, W.S. ; Lim, L.C. 
172007Surface layer in relaxor ferroelectric PZN- 4.5%PT single crystalsChang, W.S. ; Shanthi, M. ; Rajan, K.K. ; Lim, L.C. ; Wang, F.T.; Tseng, C.T.; Tu, C.S.; Yang, P. ; Moser, H.O. 
1815-Jul-2011Synthesis, characterization and mechanical properties of nano alumina particulate reinforced magnesium based bulk metallic glass compositesShanthi, M. ; Gupta, M. ; Jarfors, A.E.W.; Tan, M.J.
192005Tribological characteristics of nanocrystalline copperShanthi, M. ; Lim, C.Y.H. ; Gupta, M.