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Bezerianos, A.


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1Feb-2014Analysis of the modulated acoustic radiation-Force profile for a dual-Beam confocal geometryGiannoula, A.; Bezerianos, A. 
27-May-2014Disrupted functional brain connectivity and its association to structural connectivity in amnestic mild cognitive impairment and alzheimer's diseaseSun, Y. ; Yin, Q.; Fang, R.; Yan, X.; Wang, Y.; Bezerianos, A. ; Tang, H.; Miao, F.; Sun, J.
32014Effective connectivity patterns associated with P300 Unmask differences in the level of attention/cognition between normal and disabled subjectsDimitriadis, S.I.; Sun, Y. ; Laskaris, N.A.; Thakor, N. ; Bezerianos, A. 
4Feb-2013Estimating the local viscoelastic properties from dispersive shear waves using time-frequency ridge analysisGiannoula, A.; Cobbold, R.S.C.; Bezerianos, A. 
51-Mar-2014Influenza a immunomics and public health omics: The dynamic pathway interplay in host response to H1N1 infectionDimitrakopoulou, K.; Dimitrakopoulos, G.N.; Wilk, E.; Tsimpouris, C.; Sgarbas, K.N.; Schughart, K.; Bezerianos, A. 
62014Joint spatial-spectral feature space clustering for speech activity detection from ecog signalsKanas, V.G.; Mporas, I.; Benz, H.L.; Sgarbas, K.N.; Bezerianos, A. ; Crone, N.E.
72014Network-based modular markers of aging across different tissuesVrahatis, A.G.; Dimitrakopoulou, K.; Dimitrakopoulos, G.N.; Sgarbas, K.N.; Tsakalidis, A.K.; Bezerianos, A. 
8Sep-2013OLYMPUS: An automated hybrid clustering method in time series gene expression. Case study: Host response after Influenza A (H1N1) infectionDimitrakopoulou, K.; Vrahatis, A.G.; Wilk, E.; Tsakalidis, A.K.; Bezerianos, A. 
9Feb-2014Reconstructing 3-D maps of the local viscoelastic properties using a finite-amplitude modulated radiation forceGiannoula, A.; Cobbold, R.; Bezerianos, A. 
102013Spatio-spectral analysis of ECoG signals during voice activityKanas, V.G.; Mporas, I.; Benz, H.L.; Sgarbas, K.N.; Crone, N.E.; Bezerianos, A. 
111-Jan-2014Tamoxifen integromics and personalized medicine: Dynamic modular transformations underpinning response to tamoxifen in breast cancer treatmentDimitrakopoulou, K.; Dimitrakopoulos, G.N.; Sgarbas, K.N.; Bezerianos, A. 
122014Voice activity detection from electrocorticographic signalsKanas, V.G.; Mporas, I.; Benz, H.L.; Huang, N.; Thakor, N.V. ; Sgarbas, K.; Bezerianos, A. ; Crone, N.E.