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Hsu Ling Catherine Hong
Hong, C.
Hong, C.H.L.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
212011Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and oral bleeding complications after invasive dental treatmentNapeñas, J.J.; Hong, C.H.L. ; Kempter, E.; Brennan, M.T.; Furney, S.L.; Lockhart, P.B.
221-Oct-2019Systematic review of basic oral care for the management of oral mucositis in cancer patients and clinical practice guidelinesHSU LING CATHERINE HONG ; Gueiros, Luiz Alcino; Fulton, Janet S; Cheng Kin Fong Karis ; Kandwal, Abhishek; Galiti, Dimitra; Fall-Dickson, Jane M; Johansen, Jorgen; Ameringer, Suzanne; Kataoka, Tomoko; Weikel, Dianna; Eilers, June; Ranna, Vinasha; Vaddi, Anusha; Lalla, Rajesh V; Bossi, Paolo; Elad, Sharon
231-Jan-2018A systematic review of dental disease management in cancer patientsHSU LING CATHERINE HONG ; SHIJIA HU; Haverman, Thijs; Stokman, Monique; Napenas, Joel J; Bos-den Braber, Jacolien; Gerber, Erich; Geuke, Margot; Vardas, Emmanouil; Waltimo, Tuomas; Jensen, Siri Beier; Saunders, Deborah P
2412-Aug-2021Teaching pediatric behavior management in student dentists with constructive video feedback from facultyHu, Shijia ; Mok, Betty Yuen Yue ; Tok, Wee Wah ; Wong, Mun Loke ; Hong, Catherine Hsu Ling 
251-Jun-2019World Workshop on Oral Medicine VII: Relative frequency of oral mucosal lesions in children, a scoping reviewHSU LING CATHERINE HONG ; Dean, David R; Hull, Katrusha; Hu, Shi Jia; SIM YU FAN ; Nadeau, Christine; Goncalves, Sandra; Lodi, Giovanni; Hodgson, Tim A