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Hsu Ling Catherine Hong
Hong, C.
Hong, C.H.L.


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Subject:  Dentistry, Oral Surgery & Medicine

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11-May-2018The association between oral health status and respiratory pathogen colonization with pneumonia risk in institutionalized adultsHSU LING CATHERINE HONG ; Aung, MM; Kanagasabai, K; Lim, CA; Liang, S; Tan, KS
219-Feb-2022At what age do children have the motor development to adequately brush their teeth?Chua, Doris Ruyi; Hu, Shijia ; Sim, Yu Fan ; Lim, Wanyi; Lai, Bien Wen Pui ; Hong, Catherine Hsu Ling 
31-Mar-2016Case report: An unusual presentation of oral acute graft-versus-host-disease in a haploidentical hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipientHSU LING CATHERINE HONG ; TANG KOK SIEW ; Villegas, Mariflor; Poh, Lin Tan
41-Nov-2017Interim therapeutic restoration approach versus treatment under general anaesthesia approachLim, Songping Nicholas; Kiang, Leroy; Manohara, Ranjan; Tong, Hub Jinn; Nair, Rahul; HSU LING CATHERINE HONG ; Hu, Shijia
51-Jan-2022Linear Scleroderma Causing Arrest of Root Development in a Pediatric PatientChua, Jeannette MC ; Yeo, Jin Fei ; Wong, Raymond CW ; Hong, Catherine HL 
61-May-2019Role of oral flora in chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis in vivoGupta, N; Quah, SY; Yeo, JF; Ferreira, J; Tan, KS; HSU LING CATHERINE HONG 
712-Aug-2021Teaching pediatric behavior management in student dentists with constructive video feedback from facultyHu, Shijia ; Mok, Betty Yuen Yue ; Tok, Wee Wah ; Wong, Mun Loke ; Hong, Catherine Hsu Ling 
81-Jun-2019World Workshop on Oral Medicine VII: Relative frequency of oral mucosal lesions in children, a scoping reviewHSU LING CATHERINE HONG ; Dean, David R; Hull, Katrusha; Hu, Shi Jia; SIM YU FAN ; Nadeau, Christine; Goncalves, Sandra; Lodi, Giovanni; Hodgson, Tim A