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Wang Qinghai
Wang, Q.-H.
Wang, Q.
Wang, Q.-h.
Wang Q.-H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Nov-20122 × 2 random matrix ensembles with reduced symmetry: From Hermitian to PT-symmetric matricesGong, J. ; Wang, Q.-H. 
228-Apr-20132 × 2PT - Symmetric matrices and their applicationsWang, Q.-H. 
312-Dec-2013Boosting work characteristics and overall heat-engine performance via shortcuts to adiabaticity: Quantum and classical systemsDeng, J.; Wang, Q.-H. ; Liu, Z.; Hänggi, P. ; Gong, J. 
412-Feb-2010Complex correspondence principleBender, C.M.; Hook, D.W.; Meisinger, P.N.; Wang, Q.-H. 
5Aug-2012Entanglement Efficiencies in PT-Symmetric Quantum MechanicsZielinski, C.; Wang, Q.-h. 
613-Jul-2010Geometric phase in PT-symmetric quantum mechanicsGong, J. ; Wang, Q.-H. 
72018Gravitational lensing in conformal and emergent gravityLim, Y.-K. ; Wang, Q.-H. 
8Aug-2009Level crossings in complex two-dimensional potentialsWang, Q.-H. 
9Nov-2010Probability density in the complex planeBender, C.M.; Hook, D.W.; Meisinger, P.N.; Wang, Q.-H. 
102010PT symmetry as a generalization of HermiticityWang, Q.-H. ; Chia, S.-Z.; Zhang, J.-H.
11Apr-2011PT Symmetry vs. HermiticityWang, Q. 
124-Apr-2019Quantum geometric tensor in PT -symmetric quantum mechanicsZhang, DJ ; Wang, QH ; Gong, J 
132015Stabilizing non-Hermitian systems by periodic drivingGong J. ; Wang Q.-H. 
146-Dec-2013Time-dependent PT -symmetric quantum mechanicsGong, J. ; Wang, Q.-H. 
1520-Dec-2019Time-dependent PT-symmetric quantum mechanics in generic non-Hermitian systemsZhang, DJ ; Wang, QH ; Gong, J