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Daquila, Teofilo C
Daquila, T.C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-2001ASEAN Beyond the Regional Crisis: Challenges and InitiativesDaquila, Teofilo C 
22002ASEAN Economic Performance: Reviewing the Past, Looking to the FutureDaquila, Teofilo C 
31994ASEAN External Debt PerspectivesRao, V V Bhanoji ; Daquila, Teofilo C ; Woo, Yuen Pau
4Apr-1999Booty Capitalism: The Politics of Banking in the PhilippinesDaquila, Teofilo C 
5Apr-1991Commodity Price Fluctuations and Macroeconomic Adjustments in the Developed CountriesDaquila, Teofilo C 
6Jul-1993Demand For Money In Singapore RevisitedPhua, Alan Kia Fatt; Daquila, Teofilo C 
72008Economic relations: Competing or complementary?Daquila, T.C. 
8Dec-1997El papel de la región de la ASEAN en la futura economía globalDaquila, Teofilo C 
92000Eleven Years of Teaching ExperienceDaquila, Teofilo C 
101993External debt: Is it really a burden?Daquila, Teofilo C 
112001Impact of the Recent Economic Crisis on European Trade and Investment Interests in the ASEAN Region: An Exploratory SurveyDaquila, Teofilo C ; Foo, Rosie
12Nov-2013Internationalizing Higher Education in Singapore: Government Policies and the NUS ExperienceDaquila, T.C. 
13Nov-2013Introductory Editorial for a Special Theme of the Journal of Studies in International Education: Internationalizing Higher Education in Southeast Asia-Government and Institutional ResponsesDaquila, T.C. ; Huang, S.
14Dec-1999Japan-Asia economic relations: Trade, investment, and the economic crisisDaquila, Teofilo C 
152000Japanese economic policy in Asia: an Asian perspectiveDaquila, Teofilo C 
16Dec-1997Las interacciones entre los países del AFTA y de la APEC y sus influencias en la regiónDaquila, Teofilo C 
171994Money and Economic Activity in SingaporeDaquila, Teofilo C 
181997Obstacles to closer trade and investment links: an ASEAN viewpointDaquila, Teofilo C 
19Nov-1988Philippines: A Framework for Economic Recovery. A World Bank Country StudyDaquila, Teofilo C 
202000Policy responses to the ASEAN economic crisis: some implications towards closer ASEAN-EU economic relationsDaquila, Teofilo C