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Yeung, Ying-Yeung
Yeung Y.-Y.
Yeung Ying Yeung
Yeung, Y.-Y.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
121-May-2012A highly enantioselective approach towards 2-substituted 3-bromopyrrolidinesChen, J.; Zhou, L.; Yeung, Y.-Y. 
220-May-2011Aminothiocarbamate-catalyzed asymmetric bromolactonization of 1,2-disubstituted olefinic acidsTan, C.K.; Zhou, L.; Yeung, Y.-Y. 
320-Jan-2012An enantioselective approach toward 3,4-dihydroisocoumarin through the bromocyclization of styrene-type carboxylic acidsChen, J.; Zhou, L.; Tan, C.K.; Yeung, Y.-Y. 
419-Aug-2011An unexpected oxidation of unactivated methylene C-H using DIB/TBHP protocolZhao, Y.; Yim, W.-L.; Tan, C.K.; Yeung, Y.-Y. 
57-May-2010An unprecedented method for the generation of tert -butylperoxy radical using DIB/TBHP protocol: Solvent effect and application on allylic oxidationZhao, Y.; Yeung, Y.-Y. 
610-Nov-2010Asymmetric bromolactonization using amino-thiocarbamate catalystZhou, L.; Tan, C.K.; Jiang, X.; Chen, F.; Yeung, Y.-Y. 
730-Jan-2013C2-symmetric cyclic selenium-catalyzed enantioselective bromoaminocyclizationChen, F.; Tan, C.K.; Yeung, Y.-Y. 
82015Catalyst-free and metal-free electrophilic bromoamidation of unactivated olefins using the N-bromosuccinimide/sulfonamide ProtocolYu Zongrong Wesley; Chen Feng; Cheng Yi An; Yeung Ying Yeung 
92015Catalytic and highly enantioselective selenolactonizationNiu W. ; Yeung Y.-Y. 
1016-Apr-2014Catalytic asymmetric bromoetherification and desymmetrization of olefinic 1,3-diols with C2-symmetric sulfidesKe, Z.; Tan, C.K.; Chen, F.; Yeung, Y.-Y. 
1112-Aug-2013Catalytic, enantioselective, and highly chemoselective bromocyclization of olefinic dicarbonyl compoundsZhao, Y.; Jiang, X.; Yeung, Y.-Y. 
1212-May-2014Desymmetrization of diolefinic diols by enantioselective amino-thiocarbamate-catalyzed bromoetherification: Synthesis of chiral spirocyclesTay, D.W.; Leung, G.Y.C.; Yeung, Y.-Y. 
1310-Oct-2012Efficient medium ring size bromolactonization using a sulfur-based zwitterionic organocatalystCheng, Y.A.; Chen, T.; Tan, C.K.; Heng, J.J.; Yeung, Y.-Y. 
1422-Jun-2011Enantioselective bromoaminocyclization using amino-thiocarbamate catalystsZhou, L.; Chen, J.; Tan, C.K.; Yeung, Y.-Y. 
1527-Jul-2012Enantioselective bromolactonization using an S-alkyl thiocarbamate catalystJiang, X.; Tan, C.K.; Zhou, L.; Yeung, Y.-Y. 
1614-May-2013Enantioselective synthesis of 2-substituted and 3-substituted piperidines through a bromoaminocyclization processZhou, L.; Tay, D.W.; Chen, J.; Leung, G.Y.C.; Yeung, Y.-Y. 
174-Aug-2010Facile, efficient, and catalyst-free electrophilic aminoalkoxylation of olefins: Scope and applicationZhou, L.; Tan, C.K.; Zhou, J.; Yeung, Y.-Y. 
1815-Mar-2013Lewis basic selenium catalyzed chloroamidation of olefins using nitriles as the nucleophilesTay, D.W.; Tsoi, I.T.; Er, J.C.; Leung, G.Y.C.; Yeung, Y.-Y. 
1930-Jun-2010Molecular sieves as an efficient and recyclable catalyst for bromolactonization and bromoacetoxylation reactionsChen, F.; Jiang, X.; Er, J.C.; Yeung, Y.-Y. 
2019-Oct-2012Multicomponent approach in the synthesis of 2,2,6-trisubstituted morpholine derivativesZhou, J.; Zhou, L.; Yeung, Y.-Y.