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Hong Minghui
Hong, M.
Hong, M.H.


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12015A highly efficient CMOS nanoplasmonic crystal enhanced slow-wave thermal emitter improves infrared gas-sensing devicesSaw, W.-Y ; Liu, X ; Khor, C.-C ; Takeuchi, F; Katsuya, T; Kimura, R; Nabika, T; Ohkubo, T; Tabara, Y; Yamamoto, K; Yokota, M; Akiyama, K; Asano, H; Asayama, K; Haga, T; Hara, A; Hirose, T; Hosaka, M; Ichihara, S; Imai, Y; Inoue, R; Ishiguro, A; Isomura, M; Isono, M; Kamide, K; Kato, N; Kikuya, M; Kohara, K; Matsubara, T; Matsuda, A; Metoki, H; Miki, T; Murakami, K; Nakatochi, M; Ogihara, T; Ohnaka, K; Rakugi, H; Satoh, M; Shiwaku, K; Sugimoto, K; Takami, Y; Takayanagi, R; Tsubota-Utsugi, M; Yamamoto, K; Yamasaki, M; Yasui, D; Teo, Y.-Y ; Japanese Genome Variation Consortium; Pusch, A; De Luca, A; Oh, S.S; Wuestner, S; Roschuk, T; Chen, Y ; Boual, S; Ali, Z; Phillips, C.C; Hong, M ; Maier, S.A; Udrea, F; Hopper, R.H; Hess, O
22014Design and fabrication of broadband ultralow reflectivity black Si surfaces by laser micro/nanoprocessingYang J. ; Luo F. ; Kao T.S. ; Li X.; Ho G.W. ; Teng J., Luo X.; Hong M. 
32015Engineering the phase front of light with phase-change material based planar lensesChen, Y ; Li, X; Sonnefraud, Y; Fernández-Domínguez, A.I; Luo, X; Hong, M ; Maier, S.A
42016Evidences for redox reaction driven charge transfer and mass transport in metal-assisted chemical etching of siliconKong, L; Dasgupta, B; Ren, Y; Mohseni, P.K; Hong, M ; Li, X; Chim, W.K ; Chiam, S.Y
52014High aspect ratio SiNW arrays with Ag nanoparticles decoration for strong SERS detectionYang, J; Li, J.B; Gong, Q.H; Teng, J.H; Hong, M.H 
62016Recovering parity-time symmetry in highly dispersive coupled optical waveguidesNguyen, N.B; Maier, S.A; Hong, M ; Oulton, R.F
72016Super-focusing of center-covered engineered microsphereWu, M; Chen, R ; Soh, J; Shen, Y; Jiao, L ; Wu, J ; Chen, X ; Ji, R; Hong, M 
82015Switchable Ultrathin Quarter-wave Plate in Terahertz Using Active Phase-change MetasurfaceWang, D; Zhang, L ; Gu, Y ; Mehmood, M.Q ; Gong, Y; Srivastava, A ; Jian, L ; Venkatesan, T ; Qiu, C.-W ; Hong, M 
92017Terahertz particle-in-liquid sensing with spoof surface plasmon polariton waveguidesMa, Z; Hanham, S.M; Arroyo Huidobro, P; Gong, Y; Hong, M ; Klein, N; Maier, S.A
102018Tunable coloring via post-thermal annealing of laser-processed metal surfaceZhou, R; Huang, T; Lu, Y; Hong, M 
112016Tunable Picosecond Laser Pulses via the Contrast of Two Reverse Saturable Absorption Phases in a Waveguide PlatformTan, Y; Chen, L ; Wang, D; Chen, Y; Akhmadaliev, S; Zhou, S; Hong, M ; Chen, F
122015Tuning Interior Nanogaps of Double-shelled Au/Ag Nanoboxes for Surface-Enhanced Raman ScatteringZhang, W ; Rahmani, M; Niu, W ; Ravaine, S; Hong, M ; Lu, X