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16-Sep-2017A Highly Efficient and Photostable Photosensitizer with Near-Infrared Aggregation-Induced Emission for Image-Guided Photodynamic Anticancer TherapyWu, Wenbo; Mao, Duo ; Hu, Fang ; Xu, Shidang ; Chen, Chao; Zhang, Chong-Jing ; Cheng, Xiamin; Yuan, Youyong ; Ding, Dan ; Kong, Deling; Liu, Bin 
221-Sep-2015A Photoactivatable AIE Polymer for Light-Controlled Gene Delivery: Concurrent Endo/Lysosomal Escape and DNA UnpackingYUAN YOUYONG ; Zhang Chongjing ; LIU BIN 
32015A platinum prodrug conjugated with a photosensitizer with aggregation-induced emission (AIE) characteristics for drug activation monitoring and combinatorial photodynamic-chemotherapy against cisplatin resistant cancer cellsYuan, Youyong ; Zhang, ChongJing ; Liu Bin 
41-Mar-2016A self-reporting AIE probe with a built-in singlet oxygen sensor for targeted photodynamic ablation of cancer cellsYUAN YOUYONG ; Zhang Chongjing ; XU SHIDANG ; LIU BIN 
516-Jan-2018Aggregation-Induced Emission Probe for Specific Turn-On Quantification of Soluble Transferrin Receptor: An Important Disease Marker for Iron Deficiency Anemia and Kidney DiseasesZhang, Ruoyu ; Sung, Simon HP; Feng, Guangxue ; Zhang, Chong-Jing ; Kenry ; Tang, Ben Zhong; Liu, Bin 
61-Jan-2016AIEgens for real-time naked-eye sensing of hydrazine in solution and on a paper substrate: structure-dependent signal output and selectivityZhang, Ruoyu ; Zhang, Chong-Jing ; Song, Zhegang; Liang, Jing ; Kwok, Ryan Tsz Kin; Tang, Ben Zhong; Liu, Bin 
711-Apr-2018Artemisinin and AlEgen Conjugate for Mitochondria-Targeted and Image-Guided Chemo- and Photodynamic Cancer Cell AblationFeng, Guangxue ; Liu, Jie ; Zhang, Chong-Jing ; Liu, Bin 
811-Aug-2017Highly efficient photosensitizers with aggregation-induced emission characteristics obtained through precise molecular designXu, Shidang ; Wu, Wenbo ; Cai, Xiaolei ; Zhang, Chong-Jing ; Yuan, Youyong ; Liang, Jing ; Feng, Guangxue ; Manghnani, Purnima; Liu, Bin 
91-Jan-2015Image-guided combination chemotherapy and photodynamic therapy using a mitochondria-targeted molecular probe with aggregation-induced emission characteristicsZhang, Chong-Jing ; Hu, Qinglian ; Feng, Guangxue ; Zhang, Ruoyu ; Yuan, Youyong ; Lu, Xianmao ; Liu, Bin 
101-Jan-2016Light-responsive AIE nanoparticles with cytosolic drug release to overcome drug resistance in cancer cellsYUAN YOUYONG ; XU SHIDANG ; Zhang Chongjing ; LIU BIN 
1111-Nov-2015Light-Up Probe for Targeted and Activatable Photodynamic Therapy with Real-Time In Situ Reporting of Sensitizer Activation and Therapeutic ResponsesYUAN YOUYONG ; Zhang Chongjing ; Kwok, Ryan TK; XU SHIDANG ; ZHANG RUOYU ; WU JI'EN ; Tang, Ben Zhong; LIU BIN 
1224-Oct-2016Mechanism-Guided Design and Synthesis of a Mitochondria-Targeting Artemisinin Analogue with Enhanced Anticancer ActivityZhang Chongjing ; Wang, Jigang; Zhang, Jianbin; LEE YEW MUN ; FENG GUANGXUE ; Lim Teck Kwang ; Shen, Han-Ming; Lin, Qingsong; LIU BIN 
1321-Dec-2016Organic Nanoparticles with Aggregation-Induced Emission for Bone Marrow Stromal Cell Tracking in a Rat PTI ModelCAI XIAOLEI ; Zhang Chongjing ; Lim, Frances Ting Wei; Chan, Su Jing; Bandla, Aishwarya; Chuan, Chan Kim; Hu, Fang; XU SHIDANG ; Thakor, Nitish V; LIAO LUN-DE ; LIU BIN 
143-May-2016Real-Time Specific Light-Up Sensing of Transferrin Receptor: Image-Guided Photodynamic Ablation of Cancer Cells through Controlled Cytomennbrane DisintegrationZhang, Ruoyu ; Feng, Guangxue ; Zhang, Chong-Jing ; Cai, Xiaolei ; Cheng, Xiamin; Liu, Bin 
1527-Dec-2018Simultaneous Increase in Brightness and Singlet Oxygen Generation of an Organic Photosensitizer by NanocrystallizationFateminia, SM Ali; Kacenauskaite, Laura; Zhang, Chong-Jing ; Kenry, Suqian Ma; Manghnani, Purnima N; Chen, Junsheng; Xu, Shidang ; Hu, Fang ; Xu, Bin; Laursen, Bo W; Liu, Bin 
162015Specific light-up bioprobe with aggregation-induced emission and activatable photoactivity for the targeted and image-guided photodynamic ablation of cancer cellsYuan, Youyong ; Zhang, Chongjing ; Gao, Meng; Zhang, Ruoyu; Tang, Benzhong; Liu, Bin 
1720-Sep-2016Specific Light-Up Probe with Aggregation-Induced Emission for Facile Detection of ChymaseZhang, Ruoyu ; Zhang, Chong-Jing ; Feng, Guangxue ; Hu, Fang ; Wang, Jigang; Liu, Bin 
1817-May-2016Structure-Dependent cis/trans Isomerization of Tetraphenylethene Derivatives: Consequences for Aggregation-Induced EmissionZhang, Chong-Jing ; Feng, Guangxue ; Xu, Shidang ; Zhu, Zhenshu ; Lu, Xianmao ; Wu, Jien ; Liu, Bin 
191-Jan-2015Tuning the singlet-triplet energy gap: a unique approach to efficient photosensitizers with aggregation-induced emission (AIE) characteristicsXU SHIDANG ; YUAN YOUYONG ; CAI XIAOLEI ; Zhang Chongjing ; Hu, Fang; LIANG JING ; Zhang, Guanxin; Zhang, Deqing; LIU BIN