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Foo, M.-D.
Foo, M.D.
Der Foo, M.


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12005Do others think you have a viable business idea? Team diversity and judges' evaluation of ideas in a business plan competitionDer Foo, M. ; Kam Wong, P. ; Ong, A.
22006Dyadic effects in nonverbal communication: A variance partitioning analysisElfenbein, H.A.; Der Foo, M. ; Boldry, J.G.; Tan, H.H. 
32006Effects of team inputs and intrateam processes on perceptions of team viability and member satisfaction in nascent venturesFoo, M.-D. ; Sin, H.-P.; Yiong, L.-P.
42004Emotional intelligence and negotiation: The tension between creating and claiming valueDer Foo, M. ; Elfenbein, H.A.; Tan, H.H. ; Aik, V.C.
5Sep-2013Joint effects of prior start-up experience and coping strategies on entrepreneurs' psychological well-beingUy, M.A.; Foo, M.-D. ; Song, Z. 
62007Reading your counterpart: The benefit of emotion recognition accuracy for effectiveness in negotiationElfenbein, H.A.; Foo, M.D. ; White, J.; Tan, H.H. ; Aik, V.C.
72004Technological entrepreneurship in emerging regionsPhan, P.H.; Der Foo, M. 
82004The effects of customer personality traits on the display of positive emotionsTan, H.H. ; Foo, M.D. ; Kwek, M.H.
92007The feasibility of training and development of EI: An exploratory study in Singapore, Hong Kong and TaiwanWong, C.-S.; Foo, M.-D. ; Wang, C.-W.; Wong, P.-M.
102006The use of networks in human resource acquisition for entrepreneurial firms: Multiple "fit" considerationsLeung, A.; Zhang, J.; Wong, P.K. ; Foo, M.D. 
11Jul-2005Three sides to a pink triangle : the applicant, the job and the interviewer in the hiring of open homosexualsMaw, Der Foo ; Angeline Lim; Young Rok Choi
12Jun-2005Workplace as communities : the role of social networks on who seeks, gives and accepts information on justic issuesChia, Ho Beng ; Foo, Maw-Der ; Fang, Ruolian