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Yong, E.-L.
Yong, E.L.
Eu, L.Y.

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12008A natural polymorphism in peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-α hinge region attenuates transcription due to defective release of nuclear receptor corepressor from chromatinMei, H.L.; Li, J. ; Shen, P. ; Husna, B.; Yong, E.L. ; Tai, E.S. 
22009Bioassays for estrogenic activity: Development and validation of estrogen receptor (ERα/ERβ) and breast cancer proliferation bioassays to measure serum estrogenic activity in clinical studiesLi, J. ; Gong, Y. ; Shen, P. ; Wong, S.P.; Yong, E.L. ; Lee, L. ; Wise, S.D.
3Sep-2010Identification and mechanism of ABA receptor antagonismMelcher, K.; Xu, Y.; Ng, L.-M.; Zhou, X.E.; Soon, F.-F.; Chinnusamy, V.; Suino-Powell, K.M.; Kovach, A.; Tham, F.S.; Cutler, S.R.; Li, J. ; Yong, E.-L. ; Zhu, J.-K.; Xu, H.E.
419-Mar-2010Identification of SRC3/AIB1 as a preferred coactivator for hormone-activated androgen receptorZhou, X.E.; Suino-Powell, K.M.; Li, J. ; He, Y.; MacKeigan, J.P.; Melcher, K.; Yong, E.-L. ; Xu, H.E.
52007Molecular and pharmacodynamic properties of estrogenic extracts from the traditional Chinese medicinal herb, EpimediumYap, S.P.; Shen, P. ; Li, J. ; Yong, E.L. ; Lee, L.S.
62009Simple and sensitive liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry assay for simultaneous measurement of five Epimedium prenylflavonoids in rat seraShen, P. ; Wong, S.P.; Li, J. ; Yong, E.L. 
72008Single gene contributions: Genetic variants of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (isoforms α, β/δ and γ) and mechanisms of dyslipidemiasYong, E.L. ; Li, J. ; Liu, M.H.
82007Standardization and evaluation of botanical mixtures: Lessons from a traditional Chinese herb, Epimedium, with oestrogenic propertiesYong, E.L. ; Wong, S.P.; Shen, P. ; Gong, Y.H. ; Li, J. ; Hong, Y.
927-Dec-2011Structural basis for basal activity and autoactivation of abscisic acid (ABA) signaling SnRK2 kinasesNg, L.-M.; Soon, F.-F.; Zhou, X.E.; West, G.M.; Kovach, A.; Suino-Powell, K.M.; Chalmers, M.J.; Li, J. ; Yong, E.-L. ; Zhu, J.-K.; Griffin, P.R.; Melcher, K.; Xu, H.E.
102007Ultrasensitive cell-based bioassay for the measurement of global estrogenic activity of flavonoid mixtures revealing additive, restrictive, and enhanced actions in binary and higher order combinationsShih, P.W.; Li, J. ; Shen, P. ; Gong, Y. ; Sook, P.Y.; Eu, L.Y.