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Keang Lim, T.
Tow, K.L.
Lim, Tow Keang
Liu Bin
Keang, L.T.
Lim, T.K.
Lim, T.-K.
Lee, K.H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12008How residents and interns utilise and perceive the personal digital assistant and UpToDatePhua, J.; Lim, T.K. 
22007Pro/con debate: In patients who are potential candidates for organ donation after cardiac death, starting medications and/or interventions for the sole purpose of making the organs more viable is an acceptable practicePhua, J.; Lim, T.K. ; Zygun, D.A.; Doig, C.J.
32016Prognostic utility of the 2011 GOLD classification and other multidimensional tools in asian COPD patients: A prospective cohort studyChan H.P. ; Mukhopadhyay A. ; Poh Chong P.L.; Chin S.; Wong X.Y.; Ong V.; Chan Y.H. ; Lim T.K. ; Phua J. 
42014Risk factors for hospital and long-Term mortality of critically ill elderly patients admitted to an intensive care unitMukhopadhyay A. ; Tai B.C. ; See K.C. ; Ng W.Y. ; Lim T.K. ; Onsiong S.; Ee S.; Chua M.J.; Lee P.R.; Loh M.L.; Phua J. 
52016Severe community-acquired pneumonia: Timely management measures in the first 24 hoursPhua J.; Dean N.C.; Guo Q.; Kuan W.S.; Lim H.F.; Lim T.K. 
62010The use of a blood conservation device to reduce red blood cell transfusion requirements: A before and after studyMukhopadhyay A. ; Yip H.S. ; Prabhuswamy D.; Chan Y.H. ; Phua J. ; Lim T.K. ; Leong P.
72006Tuberculosis associated with Mycobacterium tuberculosis Beijing and non-Beijing genotypes: A clinical and immunological comparisonSun, Y.-J.; Ong, A.K.Y.; Paton, N.I.; Lim, T.K. ; Ho, B.C.H.; Seah, G.T.