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Edward J Manser
Manser, E.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010A vertebrate-specific Chp-PAK-PIX pathway maintains E-cadherin at adherens junctions during zebrafish epibolyTay H.G. ; Ng Y.W.; Manser E. 
22015An in cellulo-derived structure of PAK4 in complex with its inhibitor Inka1Baskaran, Y; Ang, K.C; Anekal, P.V; Chan, W.L; Grimes, J.M; Manser, E ; Robinson, R.C 
32015Arg kinase-binding protein 2 (ArgBP2) interaction with α-actinin and actin stress fibers inhibits cell migrationAnekal, P.V.; Yong, J.; Manser, E. 
42010DAAM1 is a formin required for centrosome re-orientation during cell migrationAng S.-F.; Zhao Z.-S.; Lim L.; Manser E. 
52008Functional interactions between phosphatase POPX2 and mDia modulate RhoA pathwaysXie, Y; Tan, E.-J; Wee, S; Manser, E ; Lim, L; Koh, C.-G
62018Group-I PAKs-mediated phosphorylation of HACE1 at serine 385 regulates its oligomerization state and Rac1 ubiquitinationAcosta, M.I; Urbach, S; Doye, A; Ng, Y.-W; Boudeau, J; Mettouchi, A; Debant, A; Manser, E ; Visvikis, O; Lemichez, E
77-Sep-2021Proximity proteomics identifies PAK4 as a component of Afadin–Nectin junctionsBaskaran, Yohendran; Tay, Felicia Pei-Ling; Ng, Elsa Yuen Wai; Swa, Claire Lee Foon; Wee, Sheena; Gunaratne, Jayantha; Manser, Edward 
82011Ptb domain-directed substrate targeting in a tyrosine kinase from the unicellular choanoflagellate monosiga brevicollisPrieto-Echagüe V.; Chan P.M.; Craddock B.P.; Manser E. ; Miller W.T.
92015The Cdc42 effector kinase PAK4 localizes to cell-cell junctions and contributes to establishing cell polaritySelamat W.; Tay P.-L.F.; Baskaran Y.; Manser E.