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Kua, Harn Wei
Kua, H.W.
Kua Harn Wei
Kua, H.-W.
Kua, Harnwei
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
412002Demonstration intelligent building - A methodology for the promotion of total sustainability in the built environmentKua, H.W. ; Lee, S.E. 
422006Design of Effective Policies for the Promotion of Sustainable Construction MaterialsKua, H. W. ; Fernandez J.
432016Development of a Collaborative Briefing Approach to Support Stakeholder Engagement in Construction BriefingChung, K. H. J.; Kua, H. W. 
442016Development of a framework to achieve regenerative sustainability through construction briefing - the cases of Singapore and Hong KongChung, K. H. J.; Kua, H. W. 
452010Editorial: Policy and legislative architecture to deal with climate change and sustainable development in a post-kyoto frameworkKua, H.-W. ; Gunawansa, A. 
462018Effect of water entrainment by pre-soaked biochar particles on strength and permeability of cement mortarGupta S.; Kua H.W. 
472016Encapsulation technology and techniques in self-healing concreteSouradeep G.; Kua H.W. 
482013Energy analysis of semi-transparent BIPV in Singapore buildingsNg, P.K.; Mithraratne, N. ; Kua, H.W. 
492016Environmental impacts of substituting tempered glass with polycarbonate in construction - An attributional and consequential life cycle perspectiveKua H.W. ; Lu Y. 
502009Evaluating Sustainable Building and Urban Development Strategies through the Lens of Sustainability ScienceKua, H. W. 
512010Expanding resource availability by mining and avoiding landfills – a need for an integrated technology and policy approachKua H.-W. 
522017Factors determining the potential of biochar as a carbon capturing and sequestering construction material: Critical review.Kua H.W. ; Gupta S.
532001Flexible Modular Manufactured Construction, Case Study for the "Pathways Project"Kua, H. W. ; Ashford, N.; Hafkamp, W.
542016Food waste generation and potential interventions at Rhodes University, South AfricaPainter K.; Thondhlana G.; Kua H.W. 
552012Green Chimney Buildings: Architecture as Carbon Sequestration StructuresOng, B. L. ; Kua, H. W. ; Teo C. J. 
562002Hands-on Study of Sustainable and Natural Building Materials for Affordable Housing in TanzaniaKua, H. W. 
572018Healing cement mortar by immobilization of bacteria in biochar: An integrated approach of self-healing and carbon sequestrationGupta S.; Kua H.W. ; Pang S.D. 
582015Helping to build a sustainable future through the greening of industry and its networks: Knowledge sharing and action promotionSarkis Joseph; Vazquez-Brust Diego; De Bruijn Theo; Fischer Kurt; Franco-Garcia Maria Laura; Kamolsiripichaiporn Somporn; Kua Harn Wei ; Lehmann Martin; Kuppusamy Ilangovan
592007Improved Clean Development Mechanism And Joint Implementation To Promote Wholistic Sustainable Development - An Integrated Policy And Methodology For International CollaborationKua, H. W. 
602010Improving the clean development mechanism with sustainability-rating and rewarding systemKua, H.-W.