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12015An extended polyanion activation surface in insulin degrading enzymeSong E.S.; Ozbil M.; Zhang T.; Sheetz M. ; Lee D.; Tran D.; Li S.; Prabhakar R.; Hersh L.B.; Rodgers D.W.
22004Axonal mitochondrial transport and potential are correlatedMiller, K.E; Sheetz, M.P 
32016Cell contractility arising from topography and shear flow determines human mesenchymal stem cell fateSonam, S ; Sathe, S.R ; Yim, E.K.F ; Sheetz, M.P ; Lim, C.T 
41981Control of the erythrocyte membrane shape: Recovery from the effect of crenating agentsAlhanaty, E; Sheetz, M.P 
52008Cooperative retraction of bundled type IV pili enables nanonewton force generationBiais N.; Ladoux B. ; Higashi D.; So M.; Sheetz M. 
62017DNA damage causes rapid accumulation of phosphoinositides for ATR signalingWang, Y.-H ; Hariharan, A ; Bastianello, G; Toyama, Y ; Shivashankar, G.V ; Foiani, M; Sheetz, M.P 
72015Early events in cell spreading as a model for quantitative analysis of biomechanical eventsWolfenson H; Iskratsch T; Sheetz M.P 
82007HDAC6 deacetylation of tubulin modulates dynamics of cellular adhesionsTran, A.D.-A; Marmo, T.P; Salam, A.A; Che, S; Finkelstein, E; Kabarriti, R; Xenias, H.S; Mazitschek, R; Hubbert, C; Kawaguchi, Y; Sheetz, M.P ; Yao, T.-P; Bulinski, J.C
92015Integrin-beta3 clusters recruit clathrin-mediated endocytic machinery in the absence of traction forceYu, C.-H ; Rafiq, N.B.M ; Cao, F; Zhou, Y; Krishnasamy, A ; Biswas, K.H ; Ravasio, A ; Chen, Z; Wang, Y.-H ; Kawauchi, K ; Jones, G.E; Sheetz, M.P 
101999Keratocytes pull with similar forces on their dorsal and ventral surfacesGalbraith, C.G; Sheetz, M.P 
112017MDia1 senses both force and torque during F-actin filament polymerizationYu M. ; Yuan X. ; Lu C. ; Le S. ; Kawamura R. ; Efremov A.K. ; Zhao Z. ; Kozlov M.M.; Sheetz M. ; Bershadsky A. ; Yan J. 
122015Micropatterning of TCR and LFA-1 ligands reveals complementary effects on cytoskeleton mechanics in T cellsTabdanov, E; Gondarenko, S; Kumari, S; Liapis, A; Dustin, M.L; Sheetz, M.P ; Kam, L.C; Iskratsch, T
132013Myosin 1E localizes to actin polymerization sites in lamellipodia, affecting actin dynamics and adhesion formationGupta, P ; Gauthier, N.C ; Cheng-Han, Y ; Zuanning, Y ; Pontes, B ; Ohmstede, M; Martin, R; Kn”lker, H.-J; D”bereiner, H.-G; Krendel, M; Sheetz, M 
142014N-WASP-directed actin polymerization activates Cas phosphorylation and lamellipodium spreadingZhang, X; Moore, S.W; Iskratsch, T; Sheetz, M.P 
152016Nuclear transport of paxillin depends on focal adhesion dynamics and FAT domainsSathe, A.R ; Shivashankar, G.V ; Sheetz, M.P 
162015Parallel near-field photolithography with metal-coated elastomeric masksWu, Jin; Yu, Cheng-han ; Li, Shaozhou; Zou, Binghua; Liu, Yayuan; Zhu, Xiaoqun; Guo, Yuanyuan; Xu, Hongbo; Zhang, Weina; Zhang, Liping; Liu, Bin; Tian, Danbi; Huang, Wei; Sheetz, Michael P. ; Huo, Fengwei
172003RPTP-α acts as a transducer of mechanical force on αv/β3-integrin-cytoskeleton linkagesVon Wichert, G̈; Jiang, G; Kostic, A; De Vos, K; Sap, J; Sheetz, M.P 
182012T lymphocyte myosin IIA is required for maturation of the immunological synapseKumari, S; Vardhana, S; Cammer, M; Curado, S; Santos, L; Sheetz, M.P ; Dustin, M.L
192009The mechanical integrin cyclePuklin-Faucher, E; Sheetz, M.P