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Kai Wei, Jason Lee
Lee, J.K.W.
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612018Letter to the Editor: Important considerations for recommending hydration studiesLee J.K.W. ; Lim, C.L.
622011Letters to the editorLee J.K.W. 
632013Managing fatigue in the heatLee J.K.W. 
642020Managing heat during the COVID-19 pandemicDaanen, H; Bose-O'Reilly, S; Brearley, M; Flouris, A.D; Gerrett, N.M; Huynen, M; Jones, H.M.Lee; Lee J.K.W. ; Morris, N; Norton, I; Nybo, L; Oppermann, E; Shumake-Guillemot, Joy; Van den Hazel, P.
65Jun-2022Mobile COVID-19 Screening Units: Heat Stress and Kidney Function Among Health Care WorkersChang, Teng-Hsiang; Lin, Ching-rYu; Wei Lee, Jason Kai ; Che-Jui Chang, Jerry; Chen, Wan-Chin; Yang, Hsiao-Yu
662014Neck cooling and cognitive performance following exercise induced hyperthermiaLee J.K.W. ; Koh, A.C.H; Liu, G.J.X; Nio, A.Q.X; Koh, S.X.T.; Fan, P.W.P.
67Feb-2014Neck cooling and cognitive performance following exercise-induced hyperthermiaLee, J.K.W. ; Koh, A.C.H.; Koh, S.X.T.; Liu, G.J.X.; Nio, A.Q.X.; Fan, P.W.P.
682018Neural basis of exertional fatigue in the heat: A review of magnetic resonance imaging methodsTan X.R.; Low I.C.C. ; Stephenson M.C.; Soong T.W. ; Lee J.K.W. 
692016Nonlinear mixed effects modelling for the analysis of longitudinal body core temperature data in healthy volunteersSeng K.-Y.; Chen Y.; Wang T.; Ming Chai A.K.; Yuen Fun D.C.; Teo Y.S.; Sze Tan P.M.; Ang W.H.; Wei Lee J.K. 
702015Novel cooling strategies for military training and operationsLee J.K.W. ; Kenefick R.W.; Cheuvront S.N.
711-Dec-2021Palatable Flavoured Fluids without Carbohydrates and Electrolytes Do Not Enhance Voluntary Fluid Consumption in Male Collegiate Basketball Players in the HeatTaim, Bernadette Cherianne; Suppiah, Haresh T; Wee, Jericho ; Lee, Marcus; Lee, Jason KW ; Chia, Michael
722020Pathophysiological mechanisms by which heat stress potentially induces kidney inflammation and chronic kidney disease in sugarcane workersHansson E.; Glaser J.; Jakobsson K.; Weiss I.; Wesseling C.; Lucas R.A.I.; Wei J.L.K. ; Ekstr”m U.; Wijkstr”m J.; Bodin T.; Johnson R.J.; Wegman D.H.
7310-Jun-2021Perceptions of heat-health impacts and the effects of knowledge and preventive actions by outdoor workers in Hanoi, VietnamLohrey, S; Chua, M; Gros, C; Faucet, J; JASON LEE KAI WEI 
7426-Feb-2021Personal assessment of urban heat exposure: a systematic reviewNazarian, Negin; JASON LEE KAI WEI 
752018Personalized Hydration Strategy Attenuates the Rise in Heart Rate and in Skin Temperature Without Altering Cycling Capacity in the Heatde Melo-Marins D.; Souza-Silva A.A.; da Silva-Santos G.L.L.; Freire-J£nior F.A.; Lee J.K.W. ; Laitano O.
762008Plasma endotoxin and immune responses during a 21-km road race under a warm and humid environmentNg Q.Y.; Lee K.W. ; Byrne C.; Ho T.F. ; Lim C.L.
772017PM2.5: A barrier to fitness and health promotion in ChinaGao C.; Lee J.K.W. ; Zhao J.; Xu, Jincheng
782020Potential pathophysiological mechanisms by which heat stress might induce kidney inflammation and chronic kidney disease in sugarcane workersHansson, E; Glaser, J; Jakobsson, K; Weiss, I; Wesseling, C; Lucas, R.A.I; Lee J.K.W. ; Ekstr�m, U; Wijkstr�m, J; Bodin, T; Johnson, R.J; Wegman, D.H.
791-Mar-2021Project Coolbit: can your watch predict heat stress and thermal comfort sensation?Nazarian, Negin; Liu, Sijie; Kohler, Manon ; Lee, Jason KW ; Miller, Clayton ; Chow, Winston TL ; Alhadad, Sharifah Badriyah; Martilli, Alberto; Quintana, Matias; Sunden, Lindsey; Norford, Leslie K
8017-Apr-2017Re-visiting the tympanic membrane vicinity as core body temperature measurement siteYeoh W.K.; Lee J.K.W. ; Lim H.Y. ; Gan C.W. ; Liang W. ; Tan K.K.