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Kai Wei, Jason Lee
Lee, J.K.W.
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412020Evaluating the effectiveness of labor protection policy on occupational injuries caused by extreme heat in a large subtropical city of ChinaSu Y.; Cheng L.; Cai W.; Lee J.K.W. ; Zhong S.; Chen S.; Li T.; Huang X.; Huang C.
422017Evaluation of various cooling systems after exercise-induced hyperthermiaTan P.M.S.; Teo E.Y.N.; Ali N.B.; Ang B.C.H.; Iskandar I.; Law L.Y.L.; Lee J.K.W. 
432011Exercise-associated hyponatremia in the tropicsLee J.K.W. ; Hew-Butler T.
446-May-2022Exertional heat stroke: nutritional considerations.Lee, Jason KW ; Tan, Beverly ; Ogden, Henry B; Chapman, Shaun; Sawka, Michael N
451-May-2016Extracellular Heat Shock Protein Responses Following 5-And 10-days Of Heat Acclimatisation In Fire-fighting TraineesAng, Wee Hon; Mui, Chin Nam; Muhammad, Nazri Bin Isa; Low, Ivan Cherh Chiet ; Oh, Janice Hui Hong; Lee, Jason Kai Wei 
462-Nov-2022Extreme temperature increases the risk of stillbirth in the third trimester of pregnancyYang, Hsiao-Yu; Lee, Jason Kai Wei ; Chio, Chia-Pin
472011First cases of exercise-associated hyponatremia in AsiaLee J.K.W. ; Ang, W.H; Nio, A.Q.X; Johnson C; Aziz, A. R.; Lim, C.L.; Hew-Butler T.
482011First reported cases of exercise-associated hyponatremia in AsiaLee J.K.W. ; Nio A.Q.X.; Ang W.H.; Johnson C.; Aziz A.R.; Lim C.L.; Hew-Butler T.
491-May-2017Functional Changes in Motor Cortical Brain Regions following Passive and Exertional Heat StressLow, Ivan CC ; Tan, XR; Stephenson, Mary C; Soong, TW ; Lee, Jason KW 
503-Nov-2020Heat Stress and Thermal Perception amongst Healthcare Workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic in India and SingaporeLee, Jimmy; Venugopal, Vidhya; Latha, PK; Alhadad, Sharifah Badriyah; HONG WEI CLARENCE LEOW ; NICHOLAS YONG DE GOH ; Tan, Esther; Kjellstrom, Tord; Morabito, Marco; JASON LEE KAI WEI 
513-Nov-2020Heat Stress and Thermal Perceptions Amongst Healthcare Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Developed and Developing CountriesLee, Jimmy ; Venugopal, Vidhya; Latha, PK; Alhadad, Sharifah ; Leow, Clarence ; Goh, NYD ; Tan, E; Kjellstrom, Tord; Morabito, M; Lee, Jason Kai Wei 
522008Human thermoregulation and measurement of body temperature in exercise and clinical settingsLim C.L. ; Byrne C.; Lee J.K.W. 
531-Nov-2021Hydration Status and Fluid Replacement Strategies of High-Performance Adolescent Athletes: An Application of Machine Learning to Distinguish Hydration CharacteristicsSuppiah, Haresh T; Ng, Ee Ling ; Wee, Jericho ; Taim, Bernadette Cherianne; Huynh, Minh; Gastin, Paul B; Chia, Michael ; Low, Chee Yong; Lee, Jason KW 
1420-Apr-2021Hydration Status, Fluid Intake, Sweat Rate, and Sweat Sodium Concentration in Recreational Tropical Native RunnersSurapongchai, Juthamard; Saengsirisuwan, Vitoon; Rollo, Ian; Randell, Rebecca K; Nithitsuttibuta, Kanpiraya; Sainiyom, Patarawadee; HONG WEI CLARENCE LEOW ; JASON LEE KAI WEI 
152012Ice slurry on outdoor running performance in heatYeo Z.W.; Fan P.W.P.; Nio A.Q.X.; Byrne C.; Lee J.K.W. 
162019Impairment of cycling capacity in the heat in well-trained endurance athletes after high-intensity short-term heat acclimationReeve T.; Gordon R.; Laursen P.B.; Lee J.K.W. ; Tyler C.J.
172008Important considerations for recommending hydration studiesLee J.K.W. ; Chin L.L.
181-Aug-2022Integrated Assessment of Urban Overheating Impacts on Human LifeNazarian, N; Krayenhoff, ES; Bechtel, B; Hondula, DM; Paolini, R; Vanos, J; Cheung, T; Chow, WTL; de Dear, R; Jay, O; Lee, JKW ; Martilli, A; Middel, A; Norford, LK; Sadeghi, M; Schiavon, S; Santamouris, M
192018Kalman filter models for the prediction of individualised thermal work strain In book: Kalman Filters - Theory for Advanced ApplicationsGuo, J; Chen, Y.; Fan, P.W.P; Lee, M.S.H; Ong, J.X; Tan, P.L; Law, L.Y.L; Lee J.K.W. ; Seng, K.Y.
202014Lactose-free milk prolonged endurance capacity in lactose intolerant Asian malesSudsa-Ard K.; Kijboonchoo K.; Chavasit V.; Chaunchaiyakul R.; Xia Nio A.Q.; Lee J.K.W