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Kai Wei, Jason Lee
Lee, J.K.W.
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1014-Nov-2022Thermal perception and lung function: a panel study in young adults with exercise under high outdoor temperatureWang, Huailin; Lam, Cho Kwong Charlie; Wulayin, Maimaitiminjiang; Chen, Xin; Wang, Suhan; Ren, Meng; Lee, Jason Kai Wei ; Hang, Jian; Huang, Cunrui; Wang, Qiong
1022020Thermal Strain and Fluid Balance During a 72 km Military Route March in the Field SettingPoon, B. H; Prakaash, S; Teo, Y.S; Fan, P.W.P; Lee, J.K.W 
1032016Thermal stress, human performance, and physical employment standardsCheung S.S.; Lee J.K. ; Oksa J.
1042010Thermoregulation, pacing and fluid balance during mass participation distance running in a warm and humid environmentLee J.K.W. ; Nio A.Q.X.; Lim C.L.; Teo E.Y.N.; Byrne C.
1052016Thermoregulatory responses during prolonged exercise in the heat are not affected by fluid temperatures ranging from 5 to 35°COgura, Y; Inoue, Y; Uchinomiya, A; Kitamura, Y; Oomori, T; Oue, A; Lee J.K.W. ; Kondo, N.
1062020Thermoregulatory responses to ice slurry ingestion during low and moderate intensity exercises with restrictive heat lossAlhadad S.B.; Low I.C.C. ; Lee J.K.W. 
1072016Tracking body core temperature in military thermal environments: An extended Kalman filter approachSeng K.-Y.; Chen Y.; Chai K.M.A.; Wang T.; Fun D.C.Y.; Teo Y.S.; Tan P.M.S.; Ang W.H.; Lee J.K.W. 
1081-Nov-2022Transient thermal and physiological responses from air-conditioned room to semi-outdoor space in the tropicsMihara, Kuniaki; Chen, Shisheng ; Hasama, Takamasa; Tan, Chun Liang ; Lee, Kai Wei Jason ; Wong, Nyuk Hien 
1092010Unsubstantiated speculation on the lack of fluid intake in increasing heat-related illnessesLee J.K.W. 
1102010Unsubstantiated speculation on the lack of fluid intake in increasing heat-related illnessesLee J.K.W. 
1112018Update: Efficacy of military fluid intake guidanceLuippold A.J.; Charkoudian N.; Kenefick R.W.; Montain S.J.; Lee J.K.W. ; Teo Y.S.; Cheuvront S.N.
11218-Jan-2022The use of sun-shade on safe heat exposure limit on a sunny summer day: a modelling study in JapanOtani, Hidenori; Lee, Jason KW 
1132016Using gait parameters to detect fatigue and responses to ice slurry during prolonged load carriageTay C.S.; Lee J.K.W. ; Teo Y.S.; Foo P.Q.Z.; Tan P.M.S.; Kong P.W.
1142020Wireless battery-free body sensor networks using near-field-enabled clothingLin R.; Kim H.-J.; Achavananthadith S.; Kurt S.A.; Tan S.C.C.; Yao H.; Tee B.C.K.; Lee J.K.W. ; Ho J.S.
1159-Oct-2019Workplace Heat: An increasing threat to occupational health and productivityKjellstrom T.; Lemke B.; Lee J.