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17-Apr-2021A Web Survey to Evaluate the Thermal Stress Associated with Personal Protective Equipment among Healthcare Workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic in ItalyMesseri, Alessandro; Bonafede, Michela; Pietrafesa, Emma; Pinto, Iole; De'Donato, Francesca; Crisci, Alfonso; JASON LEE KAI WEI ; Marinaccio, Alessandro; Levi, Miriam; Morabito, Marco
21-Jul-2021COVID-19 and heat waves: New challenges for healthcare systemsBose-O'Reilly, Stephan; Daanen, Hein; Deering, Katharina; Gerrett, Nicola; Huynen, Maud Maria Theresia Elisabeth; JASON LEE KAI WEI ; Karrasch, Stefan; Matthies-Wiesler, Franziska; Mertes, Hanna; Schoierer, Julia; Shumake-Guillemot, Joy; van den Hazel, Peter; van Loenhout, Joris Adriaan Frank; Nowak, Dennis
331-Dec-2022Cultural differences in hydration practices among physically active individuals: a narrative reviewLeow, Clarence Hong Wei ; Tan, Beverly ; Miyashita, Masashi; Lee, Jason Kai Wei 
421-Apr-2022Digitally-embroidered liquid metal electronic textiles for wearable wireless systemsLin, Rongzhou ; Kim, Han-Joon ; Achavananthadith, Sippanat; Xiong, Ze ; Lee, Jason KW ; Kong, Yong Lin; Ho, John S
520-Apr-2022Effect of ischemic preconditioning on maximum accumulated oxygen deficit in 400-meter runnersChen, Yuyang; Yang, Junchao; Muradov, Orhan; Li, Xinyuan; Lee, Jason Kai Wei ; Qiu, Junqiang
61-May-2017Effects Of Exercise-induced Hypohydration On Brain Structure And Function, A MRI StudyTan, XR; Low, Ivan CC ; Stephenson, Mary C; Kok, T; Nolte, Heinrich W; Soong, TW ; Lee, Jason KW 
71-Dec-2020Efficacy of Ingesting an Oral Rehydration Solution after Exercise on Fluid Balance and Endurance PerformanceFan, Priscilla Weiping; Burns, Stephen F; JASON LEE KAI WEI 
81-Nov-2021Efficacy of Ingesting an Oral Rehydration Solution after Exercise on Fluid Balance and Endurance Performance (vol 12, 3826, 2020)Fan, Priscilla Weiping; Burns, Stephen F; Lee, Jason Kai Wei 
91-May-2016Extracellular Heat Shock Protein Responses Following 5-And 10-days Of Heat Acclimatisation In Fire-fighting TraineesAng, Wee Hon; Mui, Chin Nam; Muhammad, Nazri Bin Isa; Low, Ivan Cherh Chiet ; Oh, Janice Hui Hong; Lee, Jason Kai Wei 
102-Nov-2022Extreme temperature increases the risk of stillbirth in the third trimester of pregnancyYang, Hsiao-Yu; Lee, Jason Kai Wei ; Chio, Chia-Pin
111-May-2017Functional Changes in Motor Cortical Brain Regions following Passive and Exertional Heat StressLow, Ivan CC ; Tan, XR; Stephenson, Mary C; Soong, TW ; Lee, Jason KW 
123-Nov-2020Heat Stress and Thermal Perception amongst Healthcare Workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic in India and SingaporeLee, Jimmy; Venugopal, Vidhya; Latha, PK; Alhadad, Sharifah Badriyah; HONG WEI CLARENCE LEOW ; NICHOLAS YONG DE GOH ; Tan, Esther; Kjellstrom, Tord; Morabito, Marco; JASON LEE KAI WEI 
131-Nov-2021Hydration Status and Fluid Replacement Strategies of High-Performance Adolescent Athletes: An Application of Machine Learning to Distinguish Hydration CharacteristicsSuppiah, Haresh T; Ng, Ee Ling ; Wee, Jericho ; Taim, Bernadette Cherianne; Huynh, Minh; Gastin, Paul B; Chia, Michael ; Low, Chee Yong; Lee, Jason KW 
1420-Apr-2021Hydration Status, Fluid Intake, Sweat Rate, and Sweat Sodium Concentration in Recreational Tropical Native RunnersSurapongchai, Juthamard; Saengsirisuwan, Vitoon; Rollo, Ian; Randell, Rebecca K; Nithitsuttibuta, Kanpiraya; Sainiyom, Patarawadee; HONG WEI CLARENCE LEOW ; JASON LEE KAI WEI 
151-Aug-2022Integrated Assessment of Urban Overheating Impacts on Human LifeNazarian, N; Krayenhoff, ES; Bechtel, B; Hondula, DM; Paolini, R; Vanos, J; Cheung, T; Chow, WTL; de Dear, R; Jay, O; Lee, JKW ; Martilli, A; Middel, A; Norford, LK; Sadeghi, M; Schiavon, S; Santamouris, M
161-Dec-2021Palatable Flavoured Fluids without Carbohydrates and Electrolytes Do Not Enhance Voluntary Fluid Consumption in Male Collegiate Basketball Players in the HeatTaim, Bernadette Cherianne; Suppiah, Haresh T; Wee, Jericho ; Lee, Marcus; Lee, Jason KW ; Chia, Michael
1726-Feb-2021Personal assessment of urban heat exposure: a systematic reviewNazarian, Negin; JASON LEE KAI WEI 
182017PM2.5: A barrier to fitness and health promotion in ChinaGao C.; Lee J.K.W. ; Zhao J.; Xu, Jincheng
191-Sep-2021Reply to Dumke, C. Comment on "Fan et al. Efficacy of Ingesting an Oral Rehydration Solution after Exercise on Fluid Balance and Endurance Performance. Nutrients 2020, 12, 3826" ReplyLee, Jason Kai Wei ; Fan, Priscilla Weiping; Burns, Stephen F
2012-Apr-2021The Impact of Temperature on the Risk of COVID-19: A Multinational StudyYang, Hsiao-Yu; JASON LEE KAI WEI