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Yeo Jin Fei
Yeo, J.
Fei, Y.J.
Yeo, J.-F.
Yeo, J.F.
Jinn-Fei, Y.
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Date Issued:  [1905 TO 1999]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-1996A survey of reasons for extraction of permanent teeth in SingaporeOng, G. ; Yeo, J.-F. ; Bhole, S. 
21990Amyloidosis with oral involvement. Case reportLoh, F.C. ; Ravindranathan, N. ; Yeo, J.F. 
31990Bifid mandibular condyleLohF., C. ; Yeo, J.F. 
41990Evaluation of soft tissue profile following intraoral ramus osteotomy in Chinese adults with mandibular prognathism.Lew, K.K. ; Loh, F.C. ; Yeo, J.F. ; Loh, H.S. 
5Oct-1990Fibrous lesions of the gingiva: A histopathologic analysis of 204 casesZain, R.B.; Fei, Y.J. 
61989Florid osseous dysplasia in OrientalsFun-Chee, L. ; Jinn-Fei, Y. 
71989Histoplasmosis presenting as hyperplastic gingival lesionLoh, F. ; Yeo, J. ; Tan, W.; Kumarasinghe, G.
81989Intraoral vertical ramus osteotomy.Loh, F.C. ; Yeo, J.F. ; Loh, H.S. 
91993Paramolar with bifid crownLoh, F.-C. ; Yeo, J.-F. 
101991Primitive neuroectodermal tumour in the oral cavity. Case reportYeo, J.F. ; Loh, H.S. ; Sng, I.
111988Reconstruction of soft tissues of the chin and lower lip region following excision of a basal cell carcinomaYeo, J.F. ; Egyedi, P.
121989Retrograde removal of fractured endodontic instruments.Yeo, J.F. ; Loh, F.C. 
131989Serious circulatory disturbance after Le Fort I osteotomy. A case reportYeo, J.F. ; Loh, F.C. ; Egyedi, P.; Djeng, S.K. 
141989Subsequent treatment of chronic recurrent dislocation of the mandible after eminectomiesLoh, F.C. ; Yeo, J.F. 
151989Surgical correction of masseter muscle hypertrophy by an intraoral approachChee, L.F.; Fei, Y.J. 
161989Talisman in the orofacial regionLoh, F.C. ; Yeo, J.F. 
17Aug-1989Traumatic blindness following a malar fractureRavindranathan, N.; Yeo, J.F. ; Loh, F.C. 
181998Trigeminal neuralgia. A retrospective survey of a sample of patients in Singapore and MalaysiaLoh, H.S. ; Ling, S.Y. ; Shanmuhasuntharam, P.; Zain, R.; Yeo, J.F. ; Khoo, S.P.
19Sep-1997Ultrastructural study of NADPH-d positive neurons in laminae I and II of the rat caudal spinal trigeminal nucleusYeo, J.-F. ; Tang, F.-R. ; Leong, S.-K.