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Soon Huat, Gary Tan
Tan, Gary
Tan, S.H.
Tan, G.
Tan, Gary S.H.
Tan, G.S.H.
Main Affiliation


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007A rule-based approach to syntactic and semantic composition of BOMsMoradi, F.; Ayani, R.; Mokarizadeh, S.; Akbari, G.H.; Shahmirzadi; Tan, G. 
22009A rule-based semantic matching of base object modelsMoradi, F.; Ayani, R.; Mokarizadeh, S.; Tan, G. 
32005A sort-based DDM matching algorithm for HLARaczy, C. ; Tan, G. ; Yu, J. 
42000Agent-based DDM filtering mechanismTan, Gary ; Xu, Liang ; Moradi, Farshad ; Zhang, Yusong
52001An agent-based data filtering mechanism for high level architectureTan, G. ; Xu, L. 
62001An agent-based DDM for high level architectureTan, G. ; Xu, L. ; Moradi, F. ; Taylor, S.
72012An offline road network partitioning solution in distributed transportation simulationXu, Y.; Tan, G. 
81998Applying intelligent agent technology as the platform for simulationTan, Gary S.H. ; Hui, Kwok-Leong
92013AsiaSim 2013: 13th International Conference on Systems Simulation Singapore, November 6-8, 2013 ProceedingsTan, G. ; Yeo, G.K. ; Turner, S.J.; Teo, Y.M. 
102003Automobile manufacturing Supply Chain simulation in the GRIDS environmentTan, G. ; Zhao, N.; Taylor, S.J.E.
112007Crisis Management Simulation: Spread of Diseases in National University of SingaporeTan, G.S.H. ; Lau, R.
122008Crisis management simulation: Traffic evacuationTan, G. ; Chan, G.
131997Deriving efficient parallel programs for complex recurrencesChin, W.N. ; Tan, S.H. ; Teo, Y.M. 
141995Experiences in simulating a declarative multiprocessorTan, Gary S.H. ; Teo, Y.M. 
151-Jan-2021GraphTCN: Spatio-temporal interaction modeling for human trajectory predictionWang, C ; Cai, S; Tan, G 
162000Grid-based data management in distributed simulationTan, Gary ; Ayani, Rassul ; Zhang, YuSong; Moradi, Farshad 
172002GRIDS-SCF: An infrastructure for distributed supply chain simulationTaylor, S.J.E.; Sudra, R.; Janahan, T.; Tan, G. ; Ladbrook, J.
182005HLA federate migrationTan, G. ; Persson, A.; Ayani, R.
192012hMETIS-based offline road network partitioningXu, Y.; Tan, G. 
202004Load distribution services in HLATan, G. ; Lim, K.C.