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12013CD137 Facilitates the Resolution of Acute DSS-Induced Colonic Inflammation in MiceMartínez Gómez J.M. ; Chen L.; Schwarz H. ; Karrasch T.
22012CD137 ligand activated microglia induces oligodendrocyte apoptosis via reactive oxygen speciesYeo Y.A.; Martínez­nez Gómez J.M. ; Croxford J.L. ; Gasser S. ; Ling E.-A. ; Schwarz H. 
314-Feb-2020CD137 negatively affects "browning" of white adipose tissue during cold exposureRAJ KAMAL SRIVASTAVA ; ANNALENA IBANEZ MOLINER ; LEE EE SOO ; EMILY PAULINE NICKLES ; SIM WEILING EUNICE ; LIU CHANG ; SCHWARZ,HERBERT ; CARLOS F. IBANEZ 
43-Nov-2019Destroy, what destroys youKhang Luu; Emily Nickles ; Herbert Schwarz 
52017Endothelial dysfunction in systemic lupus erythematosus - A case-control study and an updated meta-analysis and meta-regressionMak, A ; Kow, N.Y ; Schwarz, H ; Gong, L; Tay, S.H ; Ling, L.H 
62016HepaCAM associates with connexin 43 and enhances its localization in cellular junctionsWu M. ; Moh M.C. ; Schwarz H. 
71-Jan-2019Increased Akt-Driven Glycolysis Is the Basis for the Higher Potency of CD137L-DCsZeng, Q; Mallilankaraman, K ; Schwarz, H 
82010Inhibition of Proliferation and Induction of Apoptosis in Multiple Myeloma Cell Lines by CD137 Ligand SignalingGullo C.; Koh L.K.; Pang W.L.; Ho K.T.; Tan S.H.; Schwarz H. 
92010Regulation of granulocyte and macrophage populations of murine bone marrow cells by G-CSF and CD137 proteinJiang D.; Schwarz H. 
102011Species difference of CD137 ligand signaling in human and murine monocytesTang Q.; Jiang D.; Shao Z.; Martínez Gómez J.M.; Schwarz H. 
1117-Jun-2020The role of trogocytosis in immune surveillance of Hodgkin lymphomaQun Zeng ; Herbert Schwarz 
122016Transcriptional and functional characterization of CD137L-dendritic cells identifies a novel dendritic cell phenotypeHarfuddin, Z ; Dharmadhikari, B ; Wong, S.C ; Duan, K; Poidinger, M ; Kwajah, S ; Schwarz, H