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Funk,Jeffrey Lee
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Funk, J.
Funk, J.L.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12008An analysis of enterpreneurial opportunities in the North American IT sector (1975-1996)Funk, J. 
2Oct-2010Complexity, critical mass and industry formation: A comparison of selected industriesFunk, J.L. 
3Sep-2009Components, systems and discontinuities: The case of magnetic recording and playback equipmentFunk, J. 
4Jun-2009Direct network effects, small-world networks, and industry formationFunk, J.L. 
52008Entrepreneurial opportunities and dominant designs in the U.S. broadcasting industryFunk, J. 
62010Exponential improvements and increasing returns to scaleFunk, J. 
72011Geometric scaling and long-run reductions in cost: The case of wind turbinesSrikanth, N.; Funk, J.L. 
8Jan-2012Multiple standards and critical masses, and the formation of new industries: The case of the Japanese mobile internetFunk, J.L. 
9Oct-2011Standards, critical mass, and the formation of complex industries: A case study of the mobile InternetFunk, J.L. 
10Jul-2008Systems, components and modular design: The case of the US semiconductor industryFunk, J.L. 
112008Systems, components and technological discontinuities: The case of the semiconductor industryFunk, J. 
12Feb-2009The co-evolution of technology and methods of standard setting: The case of the mobile phone industryFunk, J.L. 
13Feb-2009The emerging value network in the mobile phone industry: The case of Japan and its implications for the rest of the worldFunk, J.L. 
142010The long time lag between science and commercialization: The case of computersFunk, J. 
15Feb-2012The unrecognized connection between vertical disintegration and entrepreneurial opportunitiesFunk, J.L. 
162007Vertical disintegration and entrepreneurial opportunities: An historic analysis of the broadcasting sectorFunk, J. 
17Mar-2013What drives exponential improvements?Funk, J.L. 
18Feb-2013When do new technologies become economically feasible? The case of three-dimensional televisionNg, P.-S.; Funk, J.L.