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Tan, K.H.
Tan, Kiang-Hwee
Hwee, T.K.
Tan, K.-H.


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Date Issued:  [2000 TO 2009]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2009A direct design approach for strengthening simple-span beams with external posttensioningTan, K.H. ; Kong, D.
22003Anchorage systems for masonry walls strengthened with FRP composite laminatesTan, K.H. ; Patoary, M.K.H.; Roger, C.S.K.
32006Asian Concrete Model Code 2006: An overview and revisions to Part I on designTan, K.H. 
4Mar-2001Behavior of simple-span reinforced concrete beams locally strengthened with external tendonsTan, K.-H. ; Farooq, M.A.-A.; Ng, C.-K.
5Jun-2003Blast resistance of FRP-strengthened masonry wallsPatoary, K.Md.H.; Tan, K.H. 
62009Blast resistance of FRP-strengthened masonry walls. I: Approximate analysis and field explosion testsTan, K.H. ; Patoary, M.K.H.
72008Compressive strength of sandless concreteDu, H.J.; Tan, K.H. 
82008Cracking characteristics of RC beams strengthened with FRP systemTan, K.H. ; Saha, M.K.
9Jun-2004Design of non-prismatic RC beams using strut-and-tie modelsTan, K.H. 
10May-2001Design of reinforced concrete beams with circular openingsTan, K.-H. ; Mansur, M.A. ; Wei, W.
11Apr-2008Determining the stress-crack opening relationship of SFRM by inverse analysisChen, S.-P.; Tan, K.H. 
1210-Jan-2005Finite Element Modelling Of Cyclic Behaviour Of Shear Wall Structure Retrofitting With GFRPKong Kian Hau ; Zhijun, Li; Balendra, Tambirajah; Kiang Hwee, Tan 
13Mar-2006Flexural behaviour of externally prestressed beams. Part I: Analytical modelNg, C.K.; Tan, K.H. 
14Mar-2006Flexural behaviour of externally prestressed beams. Part II: Experimental investigationNg, C.K.; Tan, K.H. 
15May-2009FRP-strengthened RC beams under sustained loads and weatheringTan, K.H. ; Saha, M.K.; Liew, Y.S.
162006Long-term deflections of reinforced concrete beams externally bonded with FRP systemTan, K.H. ; Saha, M.K.
17Nov-2003Model for nonlinear thermal effect on pavement warping stressesZhang, J.; Fwa, T.F. ; Tan, K.H. ; Shi, X.P.
18Dec-2000Non-spherical model for bubble formation with liquid cross-flowTan, R.B.H. ; Chen, W.B.; Tan, K.H. 
1915-Jan-2009Out-of-plane behavior of masonry walls strengthened with ferrocementChen, S.-P.; Zhang, M.-M.; Tan, K.H. ; Hendra, S.S.
202005Performance of GFRP under tropical climateTan, K.H. ; Liew, Y.S.