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Ang, Chuan-Heng
Ang, C.-H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-1994A fast quadtree normalization algorithmAng, C.-H. ; Samet, H.
2Jun-2010An efficient clustering method for fast rendering of time-varying volumetric medical dataWang, Z. ; Nguyen, B.P. ; Chui, C.-K. ; Qin, J.; Ang, C.-H. ; Ong, S.-H. 
32002Analysis of pre-computed partition top method for range top-k queries in OLAP data cubesLoh, Z.X.; Ling, T.W. ; Ang, C.H. ; Lee, S.Y. 
42000Bitmap R-treesAng, C.H. ; Tan, S.T. ; Tan, T.C. 
52006Dynamic interactive spatial similarity retrieval in iconic image databases using enhanced digraphZhou, X.M.; Ang, C.H. ; Ling, T.W. 
62001Image retrieval based on object's orientation spatial relationshipZhou, X.M.; Ang, C.H. ; Ling, T.W. 
72008Indexing for multipoint interactive similarity retrieval in iconic spatial image databasesZhou, X.M.; Ang, C.H. ; Ling, T.W. 
82004Indexing iconic image database for interactive spatial similarity retrievalZhou, X.M.; Ang, C.H. ; Ling, T.W. 
92004Multidimensional volume visualization for PC-based microsurgical simulation systemWang, Z. ; Chui, C.-K.; Cai, Y.; Ang, C.-H. 
101997New linear node splitting algorithm for R-treesAng, C.H. ; Tan, T.C. 
11Jul-1990New region expansion for quadtreesAng, Chuan-Heng ; Samet, Hanan; Shaffer, Clifford A.
12Aug-1997Retrieving similar pictures from a pictorial database by an improved hashing tableZhou, X.M. ; Ang, C.H. 
1327-Jan-1995The interval B-treeAng, C.-H. ; Tan, K.-P.