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Lu Yujie
Lu, Y.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017A behavior-based decision-making model for energy performance contracting in building retrofitLu Y. ; Zhang N. ; Chen J.
22015A BIM-Based Conversion Method to Calculate Carbon Emissions of Local Construction Materials by Using Overseas Life Cycle DatabaseLe V.H.; Lu Y. 
32016A Case Study of an Occupancy-Based Energy Audit Model for Hotel BuildingsYi Tuan T.M.; Lu Y. 
42015A Comparative Analysis of Solar Financing Methods for Public BuildingsRubenrajoo S.R; Lu Y. 
52015A Comparative Analysis of Solar Financing Methods for Public BuildingsRubenrajoo Sri Rengarajoo; Yujie Lu 
62012A computerized risk evaluation model for public-private partnership (PPP) projects and its applicationXu Y.; Lu Y. ; Chan A.P.C.; Skibniewski M.J.; Yeung J.F.Y.
72012A dynamic model for assessing the effects of management strategies on the reduction of construction and demolition wasteYuan H.; Chini A.R.; Lu Y. ; Shen L.
82014Achieving value for money: An analytic review of studies on public-private partnershipsPeng W.; Cui Q.; Lu Y. ; Huang L.
92016An Approach to Forming Top Management Team of Mega Infrastructure Projects based on Improved Case-Based ReasoningBai J.; Li Y.; Lu Y. ; Le Y.; 白居; 李永奎; 卢昱杰 ; 乐云
102010Analyzing the Impact of Construction Industry under Potential Carbon Regulation PoliciesLu Y. ; Zhu X.; Cui Q.
112014Bayesian-network-based safety risk analysis in construction projectsZhang L.; Wu X.; Skibniewski M.J.; Zhong J.; Lu Y. 
122017Beyond Boundaries: A Global Use of Life Cycle Inventories for Construction MaterialsLu Y. ; Le V.H.; Song X. 
132018Bibliographic and comparative analyses to explore emerging classic texts in megaproject managementLi Y.; Lu Y. ; Taylor J.E.; Han Y. 
142019Big five personality traits, demographics and energy conservation behaviour: A preliminary study of their associations in SingaporeShen, M. ; Lu, Y. ; Tan, K.Y.
152016Bim-Based Risk Identification System in tunnel constructionZhang L.; Wu X.; Ding L.; Skibniewski M.J.; Lu Y. 
162016Bridging Knowledge Gap between Green and Non-Green Facilities Management in SingaporeLu Y. ; Joyce N.M.L.
172017Building Information Modeling (BIM) for green buildings: A critical review and future directionsLu Y. ; Wu Z.; Chang R. ; Li Y.
182016Carbon emissions and policies in China's building and construction industry: Evidence from 1994 to 2012Lu Y. ; Cui P. ; Li D.
192015Carbon emissions for building and construction industry in China: evidence from 1994 to 2012Lu Y. ; Cui P.; Dezhi Li
202016Collaboration Network for Megaprojects: The Case for SkyscrapersLi Y.; Lu Y.