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Jaenicke, S.
Jaenicke, Stephan
Jaenicke S.
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Date Issued:  [1990 TO 1999]

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1Feb-1999A comparison of post-synthesis alumination and sol-gel synthesis of MCM-41 with high framework aluminum contentChen, L.Y. ; Ping, Z.; Chuah, G.K. ; Jaenicke, S. ; Simon, G.
2Oct-1993A thermal analysis evaluation of the low temperature synthesis of BaBiO3Chuah, G.K. ; Jaenicke, S. ; Chan, K.S.; Khor, S.T.; Hill, J.O. 
31999Acidity of high-surface-area zirconia prepared from different precipitantsChuah, G.K. ; Jaenicke, S. ; Xu, T.H.
420-Apr-1994Adsorption and desorption of oxygen and nitrogen on PdCu(110) single crystal alloy surfacesMousa, M.S.; Loboda-Cackovic, J.; Jaenicke, S. ; Block, J.H.
528-Dec-1999Base-functionalized MCM-41 as catalysts for the synthesis of monoglyceridesLin, X.; Chuah, G.K. ; Jaenicke, S. 
6Feb-1995Catalysis by manganese oxide monolayers part 1: alumina and magnesia supportsMa, J.; Chuah, G.K. ; Jaenicke, S. ; Gopalakrishnan, R. ; Tan, K.L. 
71996Catalysis by Manganese oxide Monolayers Part 2: Zircoeia SupportMa, J.; Chuah, G.K. ; Jaenicke, S. ; Gopalakrishnan, M.; Tan, K.L. 
86-Jan-1994Catalytic carbon monoxide oxidation over strontium, cerium and copper-substituted lanthanum manganates and cobaltatesChan, K.S.; Ma, J.; Jaenicke, S. ; Chuah, G.K. ; Lee, J.Y. 
91991Catalytic CO oxidation over manganese-containing perovskitesJaenicke, S. ; Chuah, G.K. ; Lee, J.Y. 
1020-May-1998Catalytic decomposition of nitrous oxide on grafted CuO/γ-Al2O3 catalystsYao, K.-W.; Jaenicke, S. ; Lin, J.-Y. ; Tan, K.L. 
11Feb-1998Determination of lead in blood by hydrodynamic voltammetry in a flow injection system with wall-jet detectorJaenicke, S. ; Sabarathinam, R.M.; Fleet, B.; Gunasingham, H.
121999Hydrogen Spillover Enhanced Acidity of Aluminium-substituted MCM-41 Platinum Bifunctional CatalystsJaenicke, S. ; Chuah, G.K. ; Zhan, P.
131999Preparation of highly dispersed molybdenum on alumina by thermal decomposition of Mo(CO)6Jaenicke, S. ; Loh, W.L.
14Jan-1994Preparation of stable, high surface area zirconiaChan, K.S.; Chuah, G.K. ; Jaenicke, S. 
1515-Jun-1998Propylene epoxidation with hydrogen peroxide catalyzed by molecular sieves containing framework titaniumChen, L.Y. ; Chuah, G.K. ; Jaenicke, S. 
16Oct-1999Remote monitoring and control of electrochemical experiments via the internet using "intelligent agent" softwareFrederik, O.; Danaraj, J.R.; Fleet, B.; Gunasingham, H.; Jaenicke, S. ; Hodgkinson, V.E.
172-May-1991Steady-state multiplicity in carbon monoxide oxidation over LaMnO3Chuah, G.K. ; Jaenicke, S. ; Lee, J.Y. 
18Feb-1998Temperature programmed decomposition (TPDE) of [Mo(CO)6] on metal oxide supports: A novel tool to elucidate surface acidity and surface-mediated reactionsLoh, W.L.; Jaenicke, S. ; Chuah, G.K. ; Ang, H.G. 
197-Apr-1997Temperature-programmed decomposition of [Mo(CO)6]: Indication of surface reactions and cluster formationAng, H.-G. ; Chuah, G.-K. ; Jaenicke, S. ; Loh, W.-L.
208-Oct-1996The influence of preparation conditions on the surface area of zirconiaChuah, G.K. ; Jaenicke, S. ; Cheong, S.A.; Chan, K.S.