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12013Antimicrobial stewardship auditing of patients reviewed by infectious diseases physicians in a tertiary university hospitalYeo, C.L; Wu, J.E; Chung, G.W; Chan, D.S; Chen, H.H; Hsu, L.Y 
22005Community-associated Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Singapore [2]Hsu, L.-Y ; Tristan, A; Koh, T.-H ; Bes, M; Etienne, J; Kurup, A; Tan, T.-T ; Tan, B.-H 
32015Current knowledge, attitude and behaviour of hand and food hygiene in a developed residential community of Singapore: A cross-sectional survey Trauma care and orthopedic surgeryPang, J ; Chua, S.W.J.L ; Hsu, L 
42011Effective antibiotics in combination against extreme drug-resistant pseudomonas aeruginosa with decreased susceptibility to polymyxin BLim T.-P. ; Lee W.; Tan T.-Y.; Sasikala S.; Teo J.; Hsu L.-Y. ; Tan T.-T. ; Syahidah N.; Kwa A.L. 
52014Effectiveness of seasonal influenza vaccinations against laboratory-confirmed influenza-associated infections among Singapore military personnel in 2010-2013Ho, H.P; Zhao, X ; Pang, J ; Chen, M.I..-C ; Lee, V.J.M ; Ang, L.W; Lin, R.V.T.P ; Gao, C.Q; Hsu, L.Y ; Cook, A.R 
62015Evolutionary dynamics of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus within a healthcare systemHsu, L.-Y ; Harris, S.R; Chlebowicz, M.A; Lindsay, J.A; Koh, T.-H ; Krishnan, P; Tan, T.-Y ; Hon, P.-Y; Grubb, W.B; Bentley, S.D; Parkhill, J; Peacock, S.J; Holden, M.T.G
72006Japanese encephalitis, Singapore [6]Koh, Y.-L; Tan, B.-H; Loh, J.J.-P; Ooi, E.-E ; Su, S.-Y; Hsu, L.-Y 
82013Molecular epidemiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in Singapore, 2006-2012Lim L.K.-Y.; Sng L.H. ; Win W.; Chee C.B.-E.; Hsu L.Y. ; Mak E.; Earnest A.; Ong M.E.-H. ; Cutter J. ; Wang Y.T.
92015Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis outbreak in gaming centers, Singapore, 2012Chee, C.B.E; Gan, S.-H; Ong, R.T ; Sng, L.-H ; Wong, C.W; Cutter, J ; Gong, M; Seah, H.-M; Hsu, L.Y ; Solhan, S; Ooi, P.-L; Xia, E; Lim, J.T; Koh, C.-K; Lim, S.-K; Lim, H.-K; Wang, Y.-T
102004Panton-Valentine leukocidin-positive Staphylacoccus aureus, Singapore [6]Hsu, L.-Y ; Koh, T.-H ; Anantham, D ; Kurup, A; Chan, K.P.W ; Tan, B.-H 
112017Spatial dynamics of TB within a highly urbanised Asian metropolis using point patternsDas, S; Cook, A.R ; Wah, W ; Win, K.M.K; Chee, C.B.E; Wang, Y.T; Hsu, L.Y 
122017The epidemiology and transmission of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in the community in Singapore: Study protocol for a longitudinal household studyShankar, N ; Chow, A.L.P ; Oon, J ; Hsu, L.Y ; Ang, B; Pang, J ; De Sessions, P.F; Periaswamy, B; Tambyah, P.A ; Teo, D.B; Tam, C.C