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Lawton, Wayne M
(not current staff)
Lawton, W.M.
Lawton, W.
Lawton, Wayne M.
Lawton, Wayne
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11999A civil engineering model of protein conformational changeLawton, W. ; Meiyappan, S.; Raghavan, R. ; Viswanathan, R. ; Yu, Y.
221-Jul-1997A continuum mechanics-based model for cortical growthRaghavan, R. ; Lawton, W. ; Ranjan, S.R.; Viswanathan, R.R. 
31997A Fast Algorithm to Map Functions ForwardLawton, W. 
4Apr-1996An algorithm for matrix extension and wavelet constructionLawton, W. ; Lee, S.L. ; Shen, Z. 
51999Analytic signals and radar processingLawton, Wayne M. 
6Dec-1993Applications of complex valued wavelet transforms to subband decompositionLawton, Wayne 
7Jan-1995Characterization of compactly supported refinable splinesLawton, W. ; Lee, S.L. ; Shen, Z. 
8Apr-2001Computing the inertia operator of a rigid bodyLawton, W. ; Noakes, L.
91997Construction of conjugate quadrature filters with specified zerosLawton, W. ; Micchelli, C.A.
101997Design of conjugate quadrature filters having specified zerosLawton, Wayne ; Micchelli, Charles A.
111-Feb-2011Fixed point properties of C*-algebrasDhompongsa, S.; Fupinwong, W.; Lawton, W. 
12Dec-2004Hermite interpolation in loop groups and conjugate quadrature filter approximationLawton, W.M. 
132000Infinite convolution products and refinable distributions on lie groupsLawton, W. 
141996Information theory, wavelets, and image compressionLawton, W. 
151999Matrix completion problems in multidimensional systemsLawton, Wayne M. ; Lin, Zhiping
161999Matrix completion problems in multidimensional systemsLawton, Wayne M. ; Lin, Zhiping
172010Minimal sequences and the Kadison-Singer problemLawton, W. 
18Aug-2008Proof of the hyperplane zeros conjecture of Lagarias and WangLawton, W. 
191999Proteinmorphosis: a mechanical model for protein conformational changes.Meiyappan, S.; Raghavan, R. ; Viswanathan, R. ; Yu, Y.; Lawton, W. 
205-Mar-1999Ribbons and groups: A thin rod theory for catheters and filamentsLawton, W. ; Raghavan, R. ; Ranjan, S.R.; Viswanathan, R.