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Filip Biljecki
Biljecki, Filip
Biljecki, F.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Nov-2021Assessing bikeability with street view imagery and computer visionKoichi Ito; Filip Biljecki 
221-Aug-2021Classification of Urban Morphology with Deep Learning: Application on Urban VitalityWangyang Chen; ABRAHAM NOAH WU ; Filip Biljecki 
31-Jan-2021Extending CityGML for IFC-sourced 3D city modelsFilip Biljecki ; YAN YEE JOIE LIM ; James Crawford; Diana Moraru; HELGA TAUSCHER ; AMOL JANARDAN KONDE ; KAMEL ADOUANE ; Simon Lawrence; PATRICK HUBERT THEODOOR J ; RUDI MARIA FRANS ANNE STOUFFS 
410-Jun-2022Free and open source urbanism: Software for urban planning practiceYap, Winston; Janssen, P. ; Filip Biljecki 
524-May-2022Infrared thermography in the built environment: A multi-scale reviewMiguel Martin; ZHUN MIN, ADRIAN CHONG; Filip Biljecki ; CLAYTON CARL MILLER
625-Jun-2021Inventory of Open Government Building DataFilip Biljecki ; Lawrence Zheng Xiong Chew; Nikola Milojevic-Dupont; Felix Creutzig
714-Dec-2021Operational characteristics of residential air conditioners with temporally granular remote thermographic imagingPandarasamy Arjunan; Gregory Dobler; Kyungmin Lee; Clayton Miller; Biljecki, Filip ; Kameshwar Poolla
85-Apr-2022Population estimation beyond counts-Inferring demographic characteristicsNoée Szarka; Filip Biljecki 
924-Jun-2021Roofpedia: Automatic mapping of green and solar roofs for an open roofscape registry and evaluation of urban sustainabilityABRAHAM NOAH WU ; Filip Biljecki 
1010-Sep-2021The Internet-of-Buildings (IoB) --- Digital twin convergence of wearable and IoT data with GIS/BIMClayton Miller; MAHMOUD MOHAMED MOHAMED ALI ABDELRAHMAN ; Adrian Chong ; Biljecki, Filip ; Matias Quintana; MARIO RAINER FREI ; CHEW YIT LIN, MICHAEL ; WONG HWEE BOON DANIEL