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Filip Biljecki
Biljecki, Filip
Biljecki, F.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-20223D building metrics for urban morphologyLabetski, Anna; Vitalis, Stelios; Biljecki, Filip ; Arroyo Ohori, Ken; Stoter, Jantien
217-Jun-20223D building reconstruction from single street view images using deep learningPang, Hui En; Filip Biljecki 
3Mar-20213D city models for urban farming site identification in buildingsPalliwal, Ankit; Song, Shuang ; Tan, Hugh Tiang Wah ; Biljecki, Filip 
426-Jan-20213dfier: automatic reconstruction of 3D city modelsHugo Ledoux; Filip Biljecki ; Balázs Dukai; Kavisha Kumar; Ravi Peters; Jantien Stoter; Tom Commandeur
5Dec-2022A comprehensive framework for evaluating the quality of street view imageryHou, Yujun ; Biljecki, Filip 
615-Nov-2023A Dynamic Urban Digital Twin Integrating Longitudinal Thermal Imagery for Microclimate StudiesRamani, Vasantha ; Ignatius, Marcel ; Lim, Joie ; Biljecki, Filip ; Miller, Clayton 
72023A Global Feature-Rich Network Dataset of Cities and Dashboard for Comprehensive Urban AnalysesYap, Winston; Biljecki, Filip 
8Aug-2022A review of spatially-explicit GeoAI applications in Urban GeographyLiu, Pengyuan ; Biljecki, Filip 
92016A scientometric analysis of selected GIScience journalsBiljecki F. 
1012-Sep-2018A sliding window method for detecting corners of openings from terrestrial lidar dataJiaqiang Li; Biao Xiong; Filip Biljecki ; Gerhard Schrotter
1127-Aug-2018Achieving Complete and Near-Lossless Conversion from IFC to CityGMLRUDI MARIA FRANS ANNE STOUFFS ; HELGA TAUSCHER ; Filip Biljecki 
12Mar-2020An application-driven LOD modeling paradigm for 3D building modelsTang, Lei; Ying, Shen; Li, Lin; Biljecki, Filip ; Zhu, Haihong; Zhu, Yi; Yang, Fan; Su, Fei
132016An improved LOD specification for 3D building modelsBiljecki F. ; Ledoux H.; Stoter J.
1419-Jan-2023Analytical Framework in Cloud-Native Environments for Auto-Modelling Sparse Human Mobility Considering Memory of Past ContextsYamamoto, Kohei ; Lim, Joie ; Biljecki, Filip ; Stouffs, Rudi 
152015Applications of 3D city models: State of the art reviewBiljecki F. ; Stoter J.; Ledoux H.; Zlatanova S.; Çöltekin A.
168-Nov-2022Assessing and benchmarking 3D city modelsLei, Binyu; Stouffs, Rudi ; Biljecki, Filip 
17Nov-2021Assessing bikeability with street view imagery and computer visionIto, Koichi; FILIP BILJECKI 
18Nov-2021Assessing bikeability with street view imagery and computer visionKoichi Ito; Filip Biljecki 
191-Aug-2020Assessing global OpenStreetMap building completeness to generate large-scale 3D city modelsBiljecki, Filip ; Li Min, Ang
20Jun-2023Automatic assessment of public open spaces using street view imageryChen, Shuting; Biljecki, Filip