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Liang Zhenkai
Liang, Z.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013A comprehensive client-side behavior model for diagnosing attacks in Ajax applicationsDong, X.; Patil, K.; Mao, J.; Liang, Z. 
22012A framework to eliminate backdoors from response-computable authenticationDai, S.; Wei, T.; Zhang, C.; Wang, T.; Ding, Y.; Liang, Z. ; Zou, W.
32013A quantitative evaluation of privilege separation in web browser designsDong, X.; Hu, H.; Saxena, P.; Liang, Z. 
42013A software environment for confining malicious android applications via resource virtualizationLi, X.; Bai, G.; Liang, Z. ; Yin, H.
52011AdSentry: Comprehensive and flexible confinement of JavaScript-based advertisementsDong, X.; Tran, M.; Liang, Z. ; Jiang, X.
62009Alcatraz: An isolated environment for experimenting with untrusted softwareLiang, Z. ; Sun, W.; Venkatakrishnan, V.N.; Sekar, R.
72012An empirical study of dangerous behaviors in firefox extensionsWang, J.; Li, X.; Liu, X.; Dong, X.; Wang, J.; Liang, Z. ; Feng, Z.
82013BaitAlarm: Detecting phishing sites using similarity in fundamental visual featuresMao, J.; Li, P.; Li, K.; Wei, T.; Liang, Z. 
92012Codejail: Application-transparent isolation of libraries with tight program interactionsWu, Y.; Sathyanarayan, S.; Yap, R.H.C. ; Liang, Z. 
102009DARWIN: An approach for debugging evolving programsQi, D.; Roychoudhury, A. ; Liang, Z. ; Vaswani, K.
112012DARWIN: An approach to debugging evolving programsQi, D.; Roychoudhury, A. ; Liang, Z. 
122012Detecting and preventing ActiveX API-misuse vulnerabilities in internet explorerDai, T.; Sathyanarayan, S.; Yap, R.H.C. ; Liang, Z. 
132018Detecting Malicious Behaviors in JavaScript ApplicationsMao, J.; Bian, J.; Bai, G.; Wang, R.; Chen, Y.; Xiao, Y.; Liang, Z. 
142018Detecting Phishing Websites via Aggregation Analysis of Page LayoutsMao, J.; Bian, J.; Tian, W.; Zhu, S.; Wei, T.; Li, A.; Liang, Z. 
152013Enforcing system-wide control flow integrity for exploit detection and diagnosisPrakash, A.; Yin, H.; Liang, Z. 
162010Golden implementation driven software debuggingBanerjee, A. ; Roychoudhury, A. ; Harlie, J.A. ; Liang, Z. 
172010Heap Taichi: Exploiting memory allocation granularity in heap-spraying attacksDing, Y.; Wei, T.; Wang, T.; Liang, Z. ; Zou, W.
182011Jump-oriented programming: A new class of code-reuse attackBletsch, T.; Jiang, X.; Freeh, V.W.; Liang, Z. 
191-Jan-2019Neural Network Inversion in Adversarial Setting via Background Knowledge AlignmentYang, Ziqi ; Zhang, Jiyi; Chang, Ee-Chien ; Liang, Zhenkai 
202013Poster - CryptServer: strong data protection in commodity LAMP serversChen, Z.; Dong, X.; Saxena, P.; Liang, Z.